Our Editors Put The Best Bedding Brands To The Test - Here’s What Happened

Our Editors Put The Best Bedding Brands To The Test - Here’s What Happened

Although we spend close to a third of our lives asleep, many people have trouble catching quality z’s which can take a toll on overall health. The best way to consistently get a good night’s sleep is by creating a restful environment.

Comfort comes in many forms. From room temperatures, the amount of space on a bed, and delicious, luxurious sheets — because unique sheets always make a room – comfort is as personal as it is necessary.

Our editors have long been on the hunt for premium bedding — not just any old sheet set to get us through the night. But fabric that wraps us up and carries us off to dreamland. In an effort to find the superior bedding, we put three of the leading bedding brands to the test: SIJO, Brooklinen, and Parachute.

Here’s what we found:

Key Similarities:

  • All contain a complete range of bedding products
  • All have eco-friendly products
  • All deliver right to your door

Key Differences:

  • SIJO collections include eucalyptus fibers which are hypoallergenic and dust-resistant
  • SIJO’s CLIMA Cooling Tech contains fibers that distribute and regulate body heat
  • Brooklinen and Parachute’s collections mostly feature cotton
  • SIJO’s bundles range from $144 - $500 | Brooklinen’s $207 - $652 | Parachute’s $279 - $1,000+

SIJO Overview:

SIJO has everything you need for a great night's sleep. Their luxury bedding products range from comforters, mattress pads, sheets, and pillows, but even expand into loungewear. There are so many fantastic products to choose from, our editors had a tough time settling on SIJO’s two best-selling collections, the AiryWeight Eucalyptus and TempTune™.

Available in 7 luxe hues, the SIJO AiryWeight™ Cooling Eucalyptus sheets are made out of 100% Tencel™ Lyocell – or, eucalyptus fibers. They’re sustainable and naturally cooling, moisture-wicking, and designed for ideal sleep. Eucalyptus fiber also has natural antibacterial properties, which is perfect for sensitive skin.

This hypoallergenic collection is resistant to mold and dust — a terrific bedding choice for those who suffer from occasional nighttime allergy flare-ups.

The CLIMA Cooling Tech Collection contains a blend of fibers that absorb and distribute excess body heat, providing next-level cool. Designed to keep your sleeping body at an ideal temperature — between 82° and 89°F — they’ll warm you up when it’s cold and when you’re too hot, they’ll help you chill out. Environmentally sustainable, hypoallergenic, and super soft, this moisture-wicking collection absorbs sweat quickly while keeping you dry.

While these two ultra-cooling collections totally thrilled us, we couldn’t keep our eyes away from SIJO’s classic French Linen collection.

Brooklinen Overview:

Brooklinen has expanded far beyond everyday linens. They now offer sheets and throw blankets, bath mats and shower curtains, robes and loungewear, and even home decor like candles and wall art.

For our purposes, we focused solely on their bedding. Their bestselling Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle is made of cotton and features a luxurious 480-thread count with a slightly luminous finish.

Their Brushed Flannel Sheets are ultra-soft yet breathable, and give off that classic cabin vibe. They’re 100% cotton and will keep you warm without weighing you down — an ideal sheet for cooler nights.

Overall, most Brooklinen sheets are made out of cotton or linen and lack the unique tech that the SIJO collections bring.

Parachute Overview:

Parachute has a range of organic bedding and furniture products. The Percale collection features long-staple Egyptian cotton that's lightweight, durable, and recommended for anyone who sleeps hot at night. The Organic Cloud Cotton set is woven with multiple layers of 100% cotton making it incredibly fluffy.

Parachute's committed to sustainability, so their fabrics are naturally soft and synthetic-free. Similar to Brooklinen, their bedding is primarily cotton, sateen, or linen and lacks SIJO’s premium materials and tech.

Final Verdict:

Finding comfy, high-quality bedding isn’t easy. And all three brands answered our needs in different ways. Brooklinen and Parachute have cotton and linen sheets that are soft and breathable. However, SIJO has it all.

Their innovative tech and sustainable, hypoallergenic fabrics are silky smooth, perfect for hot sleepers and those who crave night after night of uninterrupted sleep.

Your good night’s sleep starts right here — with SIJO.

Supreme softness and incomparable, natural coolness. Follow this link to explore the best sellers!

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