What I Thought About Nutrisystem Vs. After I Tried Their Meals

What I Thought About Nutrisystem Vs. After I Tried Their Meals

Editor’s Note: I never had the time or patience to develop nutritious dinner plans and cook them, so takeout was my go-to. However, it started making a dent in my bank account and I couldn’t afford it anymore. Plus, I definitely gained some weight that I needed to get rid of. My friend recommended Nutrisystem as a two-for-one approach, but I always thought frozen meals were unhealthy and full of sodium. Apparently, I was way wrong.

My Expectations

When my friend told me about Nutrisystem, I was super skeptical. Of course, I’d heard of Nutrisystem before – it’s a unique weight loss program that sends pre-packaged meals to your doorstep. I’ve never been a fan of frozen pre-packaged foods, and I’ve read tons of negative reviews about other pre-packaged meals that are high in fat, carbs, and contain lots of additives. How can Nutrisystem possibly help me lose weight and be better than other pre-packaged meals?

However, I did want to see what Nutrisystem was up to these days and wanted to know more about their meals, so I went on their site. To my surprise, Nutrisystem meals and snacks deliver a very balanced nutrition. They use meals high in protein with lower glycemic nutrition so you stay full and drop those cravings. They even offer a top-rated smart app that educates you on nutrition and helps you achieve your goals.

Compared to some Lean Cuisine meals that include over 600g sodium, added sugars, high levels of potassium and cholesterol, Nutrisystem meals are low in sodium and cholesterol and most of their meals are made without artificial sweeteners. Not to mention that Nutrisystem meals don’t contain any additives! I had no idea that their meals were so much healthier!

Their Uniquely Yours Max+ plan sounded the most interesting to me; a month of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. And I get to eat up to six times a day! They have 160+ menu options to choose from, like Red Pepper Chicken and Pasta Sauté or Lemon Caper Chicken. It sounded delicious, and they even had some of my favorite restaurant meals, but I still doubted that their frozen meals would taste good. I’ve had one too many bland pre-made meals….

After looking at what real customers said about Nutrisystem, I discovered so many 5-star reviews and exciting success stories of people losing up to 9 pounds in only one month!* I decided to give Nutrisystem a try and chose the Uniquely Yours Max+ plan that starts as low as $14.64 a day! Similar companies charge the same amount for a single meal!


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My Experience

The first week is designed to reboot my body and fire up the weight loss process. I was pretty shocked to find that zero meal prep was needed unlike some other “pre-made” meals. All I had to do was heat the food in the microwave or toss it quickly in the skillet.

As for the taste – so much better than anticipated! They’re full of flavor and taste way fresher than any other pre-packaged meal I’ve had. Their Hearty Inspirations™ dinners are definitely my favorite – they’re packed with protein and more filling than I expected, but still perfectly portioned so I can indulge guilt-free. Actually, I love every single meal I’ve had so far. My favorite is the Merlot Beef with Root Vegetables – sooo rich and delicious. Their Hearty dinners with extra protein contain up 20-32g protein vs. standard dinners that might only contain 8-22g protein.

Eating nutritious food can’t be any easier! Nutrisystem makes it super easy to follow their plan with specifically selected meals, snacks, and shakes for each day. Starting from the second week, I enjoyed protein-powered nutrition with up to 30g of protein per meal. Nutrisystem recommended incorporating some of my own healthy household groceries throughout the day, so I didn’t feel restricted at all.

Nutrisystem makes sure I stayed motivated from day one, and I did! Their award-winning NuMi® weight loss app helped me track my progress and reach my goals. I even received personal weight loss coaching on-demand.

Four weeks in, and I lost over 10 pounds! I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I’m hitting my weight goals and my finance goals! Nutrisystem helped me save so much money on overpriced takeout and food deliveries. With Nutrisystem I didn't feel like I was missing out on any of my breakfast, lunch or dinner favorites.

If you’re looking to get back on track without standing hours in the kitchen or worrying about what to cook, try Nutrisystem. It’s an investment in yourself that you won’t regret!

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*Expect to lose 1-2lbs per week on average