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Should Guys Switch To Vuori? Here’s My Verdict

I used to be a guy that barely took notice of what brands I wore. As long as it fit properly and looked good, that's all I cared about.

But when I started going to the gym I realized the cheap stuff doesn’t cut it. After about a month of working out in gym gear from my local department store, the threads had come loose at the seams of my shorts and rips were starting to form in the armpits of my t-shirts.

That's when I decided to invest in something that would be of better quality. My old Lululemon Joggers had started fraying, so that wasn’t an option. I’d heard a lot about Gymshark, so I bought a pair of their Speed Shorts in the hope that they would be a good solution. A couple sweat sessions later and they definitely held up longer but I still wondered if they were worth the price I paid (which was higher than I’d like to spend).

Then on my birthday my sister got me the Strato Tech Tee and Kore Shorts from a brand I hadn’t heard of before — Vuori. I doubted they would be as amazing as she raved they would be, but my sister was obsessed with the brand so I decided to give it a chance.

Over the next few weeks I realized how great Vuori is. The Kore Shorts are lightweight and stretchy for comfort. They’re quick drying and anti-odor so they’re great for all kinds of workouts — I’ve worn them for intense gym sessions and on long hikes.

The Strato Tech Tee is so soft and comfortable, plus it’s moisture wicking, so it’s suitable for those longer workouts. It also doubles as an everyday t-shirt! I love that Vuori uses durable materials and moisture-wicking, odor-free, UPF 30+ tech in their products. I’ve been wearing my Vuori seamlessly, taking it from lunch with friends to a run at the park - it’s so versatile.

After a few weeks of trying different brands I was surprised that Vuori stood out above the rest. For starters, the quality and functionality of the fabric is amazing. They definitely last longer than other brands I’ve tried and that’s even with the extra wear I give them. They suit all types of exercise and work perfectly as casual clothing too.

I knew I wanted to invest in more Vuori products so I checked out their site. Their sizes are super inclusive, ranging from XS to XXL for men. They have a detailed fit guide for each product which was super helpful.

I ordered a pair of the Sunday Performance Joggers, which are made for chilling at home or for some light exercise. I got the Ponto Performance Crew to use as an extra layer for cold-weather workouts. It has a small side zip to hold a key or card which is super convenient.

I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable some of Vuori’s products are considering the quality, plus there’s free shipping over $75!

Not to mention, Vuori’s Investment In Happiness product-guarantee allows you to return any item for free if you’re not happy — but I doubt that will happen. If you’re looking for a high-quality, affordable athleisure wear brand, check out Vuori.

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