Seed - The Synbiotic That’s Making My Days Easier

Seed - The Synbiotic That’s Making My Days Easier

Today our Mens Health & Wellness editor is reviewing Seed, a microbiome-science company that’s revolutionizing the probiotic industry through its hyperfocus on science, sourcing, and sustainability. Keep reading to hear about their first impressions and overall verdict on Seed and its products:

The Products

We’ve all heard the phrase, “A healthy gut is the foundation of a healthy life” Well, most guys aren’t always mindful of what they’re eating and as we get older, gut health can become a big issue. Seed’s got something for anyone looking to enhance their gut health. They offer two synbiotics: the DS-01® Daily Synbioticis for adults ages 18+, while the PDS-08™ Pediatric Synbiotic is for kids and teenagers ages 3-17. But for this review, I’m spotlighting the DS-01® alone.

DS-01® works to promote:

  • Digestive health, including bloat and regularity support
  • Gut barrier integrity and a healthy gut lining
  • Cardiovascular health, such as maintaining blood cholesterol levels already within normal range
  • Micronutrient synthesis, and more

Not just a random mix of ingredients, DS-01® is formulated with 24 clinically and scientifically studied probiotic strains and an innovative prebiotic that’s non-fermenting. Tested for 100% survivability through digestion thanks to its proprietary ViaCap® Delivery technology and the Simulator of the Human Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem — SHIME® is the closest system developed to model digestion and the gut.

First Impressions

Lately, Seed’s been all over my social feeds and seemingly everywhere. My buddies are talking about it on the golf course and in the gym while lifting weights. Even my girlfriend’s raving about how awesome it is. I’d heard a ton of buzz about it, but it all became real when I finally got my hands on Seed’s DS-01® Welcome Kit:

Science & Testing

Unlike most probiotics, Seed goes above and beyond in terms of industry standards and research. They have a board of scientists, doctors, and researchers so their formulations are backed by years of scientific research. Plus, each undergoes third-party testing — Seed’s totally not messing around.

I’m one of those guys who needs to see data before investing in a product like this. Seed delivers on strain-specific data, ongoing clinical research, and quality control testing. And even tests for survivability, potency, purity, contaminants, and over 20+ food allergens — so with Seed, I can be sure it’s top quality.

Ease of Use

Oh, I’m absolutely familiar with disgusting protein drinks — I’ve been downing those shakes for years and they can be tough to stomach — literally. But Seed utilizes ViaCap® Delivery technology, which places a probiotic capsule inside a prebiotic capsule to protect the probiotics throughout digestion. So, I don’t taste anything. What a relief!

The Welcome Kit also features a glass travel vial, so I can take it on-the-go or pop it in my gym bag on busy mornings. Since the DS-01® needs no refrigeration, I keep it on my kitchen counter next to those protein shakes — it’s the best reminder to take it each morning.

Packaging & Sustainability

Putting the synbiotic itself aside, I was immensely impressed with the packaging. Not only does it look amazing, but it’s also sustainable. Delivered in a recyclable, FSC-certified box, the Welcome Kit includes a refillable glass jar, a glass travel vial, and a 30-day supply of 60 capsules. Seed’s genius refill system ships in a bio-based, home-compostable pouch right to my doorstep each month.


This was the first symbiotic I’ve taken, so I had no clue what to expect. But let’s just say that I can definitely feel the DS-01® working…

I’ve never struggled with significant gut problems, but I’d get bloated after a few too many beers with the guys. And I’ll confess that I can spend a while in the bathroom after a rich meal. Within the first 3 days of taking DS-01®, I could feel something was happening with my digestive system.

On the first few days of taking DS-01®, I visited the bathroom more often. It was a bit strange, but it’s a clear sign that my body’s responding to the synbiotic and working to put my digestion on a regular schedule.

Final Verdict

I’m a convert! Seed is equally as important as my protein shakes. The fact that DS-01® has a 100% survivability rate convinced me that it’s genuinely delivered to my gut. And they’re ultra-sustainable, which is a significant factor for me.

With all the years of research, third-party testing, and the number of doctors and scientists involved, I place my trust in Seed. In fact, I recommend it to all my gym buddies. You should check it out!

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