Satisfied Lull Customers Are Done with Mattress Stores for Good. You Can Be Too!

Satisfied Lull Customers Are Done with Mattress Stores for Good. You Can Be Too!

We all dread mattress shopping: sheisty salespeople, inconsistent pricing, and the fact that bouncing on a mattress twice is little indication as to whether or not you'll get a good night's sleep on it. And yet, a quality mattress is key to living a satisfying life. While a good mattress can help us sleep deeply, ease back and muscle pain, and feel more energetic, a low-quality mattress can lead to tossing and turning, exacerbate aches and pains, and make us feel exhausted. Lucky for us, there's Lull. Lull is an innovative online mattress company conveniently delivering high quality mattresses for a super affordable price. Lull knows how essential it is to find the right mattress without all the hassle and stress of going to a store—and their dreamy mattresses, that "just-right" combination of firm and fluffy, are causing a stir among satisfied customers who are swearing off the mattress store for good. They even won an award for "Best Customer Reviews" from Mattress Advisor! Here's a sampling of what Lull customers have to say.

"I've been looking at the Lull mattress online for quite some time! My husband has some sleeping issues and I'd been thinking we needed a King. We finally decided to pull the trigger, and we're so happy we did! Love our new Lull, and there's even room for our doodle, Prince Harry!! Love the whole experience! Thank You!!" - Judy S.

"First mattress I'd ever bought and didn't want to go through the stress of going to a mattress store and being overwhelmed with all the choices, then needing to figure out delivery or bringing it home in my small car. Lull took all of those extra stressors away, and the staff was all extremely helpful and kind. The mattress is amazing too; I usually toss and turn throughout the night but I haven't had that issue since getting my Lull mattress. Highly recommend to all!" - Alison K.

"The convenience of this mattress is why I ordered it. I was not moving a huge mattress into a new house. But oh my goodness, it's amazing! Truly the best night of sleep I have ever had. My husband gets up early for work, and I do not feel him getting out of bed. It's so comfortable and was SO easy from ordering and set up. It came in a few days! Thank YOU!" - Maya C.

"Me and my wife both really enjoy it. It has helped my back tremendously. My old mattress used to hurt my back really badly and now the pain has gone away. I sleep a lot heavier, I have zero complaints. All in all, I'm looking into getting the sheets too because all of the products are high quality! I'm referring Lull to anyone I know that's in the market for a mattress." - Zack S.

"It's not too firm nor too soft. I've had the most amazing sleep ever since I got it." - Charnay W.

"I honestly was a little skeptical about ordering a mattress online. My boyfriend and I really love it. We usually have back issues and shoulder pain, but we haven't had any since we got the bed. We love it!" - Victoria R.

The cherry on top is that not only are Lull's premium mattresses completely affordable, they also make delivery a cinch; meaning you won't have to strap your mattress to the roof of your car or pay extra just to get it in your front door. With Lull, your new mattress will arrive in a compact box, and a sleep expert can even set you up with a white-glove delivery service if needed, and help remove your old mattress for a small fee. They even have bed frames and accessories, making them a one stop shop for all of your bedroom needs. They're so confident that you'll be satisfied, they even offer a 100 night trial to try your mattress out—though, you'll see it only takes one blissful night of sleep for Lull to win you over.

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