Ruggable Vs. Generic Rugs? Which One Wins?

Ruggable Vs. Generic Rugs? Which One Wins?

Having the right rug can transform a room — from making the room look bigger to adding a touch of coziness or style.

New rugs look great, but keeping them clean is a separate question. They need a lot of maintenance and every time we spill something or our dogs walk in with muddy paws, it takes a lot of effort to get the stain out.

Our Homeware editors tried to find rugs that fit any room, are affordable, and easy to keep clean. We heard about washable rugs by Ruggable and we had to see how they compare to typical generic rugs.

This is what we found:

Key Similarities:

  • Both offer a range of different rugs
  • Both can provide an affordable price

Key Differences:

  • Ruggable rugs are washable, unlike the majority of generic rug brands
  • Ruggable uses recycled materials where possible, which we can’t say for most generic brands
  • Ruggable rugs are lightweight and easily transported, while other rugs can be heavy and difficult to move
  • Ruggable rugs come with a nonslip pad, while you might need to add them to other rugs

Ruggable Overview:

Ruggable creates unique and sophisticated washable rugs. Their rugs have a two-piece system that includes a Rug Pad with a nonslip back in two thicknesses and a stain-resistant Rug Cover. So, when the rug gets dirty, you remove the cover to toss it in the washer and leave the pad on the floor.

They have over 1500 styles in various patterns and colors, including Bohemian, Persian, Vintage, and Scandanavian collections. Ruggable offers everything from bath mats to faux hide rugs and doormats. They also have unique collaborations from top designers and brands like Star Wars, Disney, Nina Takesh, Jonathan Adler, and more.

Most Ruggable sizes cost between $89-$500, so there is something for every budget. One of the best things about Ruggable is their rugs can go up to 9x12 but still fit into most residential washing machines — your rug cleanliness is never compromised. When it comes to cost, there’s a price point for every budget.

With Ruggable washable rugs, you save a lot of money in the long run because there's no need to replace them every few years or send them to professional cleaners. Plus, each rug is made to eliminate odor, reduce waste, and utilizes recycled materials where possible. Not to mention that the rugs are delivered right to your door, so there isn’t any need for picking up and lugging them home.

High-Quality Materials: 9/10, Convenience: 9.6/10, Price: 8.6/10, Overall Rating: 9.6/10

Generic Rugs Overview:

There are lots of places we can pick up rugs from. We can get rugs of every color, shape, and size we’d like if we looked hard enough. With unlimited options, it can be hard to know if you’re getting your money’s worth. Additionally, most basic department stores either offer really similar collections or their unique rugs tend to be much more expensive.

After spending time and money picking up your favorite rug, you end up with a challenge of keeping it clean. Rugs can hold a lot of dirt and dust. Simply vacuuming is not enough, but not all rugs are washable. Some professional cleaner costs can run up to $600, depending on the size of the rugs, which can break the bank.

High-Quality Materials: 7.7/10, Convenience: 6.5/10, Price: 8.2/10, Overall Rating: 7/10

Final Thoughts:

Rugs liven up a room, but their maintenance can be difficult. That’s why washable rugs from Ruggable are a game changer. Their stain-resistant, machine-washable technology will make your rug look nice and clean for so much longer. Plus, with their made-to-order rugs, you know Ruggable rugs haven’t been collecting dust in a warehouse for months or years.

Most general home stores have a lot of furniture and they don’t specialize in washable rugs unlike the incredible focused range of washable rugs from Ruggable. Turns out, Ruggable is also branching out into the furniture world with washable chairs. We’ll definitely be checking them out!

Our editors have found their go-to rugs for life with options available for every room and every aesthetic - trust us and give it a try!

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