Roman, A Cloud Pharmacy, That Delivers The Little Blue Pill That Could So That You Don’t Have To Worry About ED

Roman, A Cloud Pharmacy, That Delivers The Little Blue Pill That Could So That You Don’t Have To Worry About ED

Twenty years ago, men who were suffering from erectile dysfunction received a glimmer of hope in the form of a little blue pill. Name brand Sildenafil (Viagra©), and soon Cialis and Levitra would change the lives of men for decades. But, despite today's readily treatment, almost 70 percent of men continue to ignore the problem because they're embarrassed, or want to avoid having to broach private and sensitive topics. That's why hot new startup, Roman, created a secure and discreet online service that will screen you for ED, let you discuss with top doctors in the field, and get prescriptions delivered to your door. The service is taking the shame out of the condition, and it seems like everyone's jumping on board.

Roman opened its doors to the public on October 31st, and we have to admit we're intrigued. The cloud based pharmacy is backed by some of the biggest VCs in the space, as well as some of the most highly regarded and widely sought out doctors in the world, including Dr. Steven Lamm, the Medical Director at the NYU Langone Center for Men's Health. Roman is not your run-of-the-mill online pharmacy, as they offer full service from online screening, to doctor approval, and specialize in only erectile dysfunction. Although, on the surface, it may not seem to be a leading problem in men's health, it's actually something that affects 20% of men in their 20s, 30% of men in their 30s, and 40% of men in their 40s. The team behind Roman quickly realized how they could dramatically improve the men's health experience.

For Roman's founder, Zach Reitano, these issues are personal. Zach started experiencing ED at 17, when he discovered first-hand how broken the ED patient experience was. It can take a month to get a doctor's appointment, and the doctor's and pharmacy visits can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. In an attempt to avoid all of this, men end up going online to find knock-off drugs without a prescription from unregulated pharmacies, where 80 percent of pills are counterfeit, often adulterated with unknown chemicals or other drugs. That's why Zach and his team brought together a safe and private network of doctors who determine eligibility for a prescription based on each patient's online test and treatment request.

Here's how Roman works. To get started, just navigate to a brief online test to answer simple questions about your medical history, blood pressure and any medications you're currently taking. There, you can let the physician know if you have a medication preference choosing from Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, or the generic versions. Roman will walk you through the differences and benefits of each medication.

Within just one to two hours, a board certified U.S. licensed doctor will be in touch, and will immediately write a prescription, if you're eligible. Typically, your medication will arrive within two days, and each dose is separated into a sleek packet that fits discreetly in your pocket or wallet.

Roman box delivered!

As an added bonus, the Roman Pharmacy Network will ship you your medication for free, and the cost is the same as if you bought it in pharmacy and went through the old patient experience, and had to pay big doctor bills in the process. Just $15 for a consultation, and you can get treatment safely, and privately in the comfort of your own home. Now that's a top product.

Update: The minds behind Roman are extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link to get your first month Free, up to $50!

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