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Ridge vs Ekster: The Best Aluminum Cardholder

As cash becomes less prominent, the role of the wallet comes into question. What do we really need a wallet for? What features are most important to us? Why buy a new wallet at all?

Today, wallets are all about convenience--getting what you need as quickly as possible. A wallet should tackle more complex problems like easily displaying your cards without fumbling at the register or creating a wallet that can easily slide into the front pocket of your jeans.

Two of our favorite players are Ekster and Ridge. While Ekster is best known for its innovative leather smart wallet, they are beginning to break into the cardholder game with their brand new Aluminum Cardholder. Ridge, on the other hand, has been in the metal cardholder game for years.

To see who comes out on top, we've weighed the similarities and differences to help you make an informed decision.

Key Similarities

  • Both are incredibly slim
  • Both protect against RFID (this stops thieves from wirelessly stealing your credit card info)
  • Both can store up to 12 cards
  • Both are available in an array of colors
  • Both are constructed from high-quality metals

Key Differences

  • Ekster wallets are made from space-grade aluminum, and Ridge wallets are made from aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber (depending on your preference)
  • Ekster has a card pop-up feature, so you can grab cards without opening your wallet
  • Ekster features a cash strap in the wallet and Ridge offers a cash strap, money clip, or both--with the ability to switch
  • Ekster has a solar-powered tracking card, so if you misplace your wallet, you can use Bluetooth technology to locate it
  • Ekster is slightly more affordable, starting at $69. Whereas Ridge card holders start at $75

Ekster Overview

Ekster's Aluminum Cardholder offers a sleeker and more modern look when compared to the Ridge's industrial design (think "Instagram friendly"). The wallet also earns extra points for its innovating card pop-up feature and the option to add trackability to the wallet.

The slim tracking card fits perfectly into the cardholder and eliminates any headaches that result from losing your wallet. The card is solar-powered, meaning it will never run out of juice and the Bluetooth functionality works across all of your devices. Simply download the Chipolo app on your device and that's it!

The Aluminum Cardholder is crafted from space-grade aluminum to ensure longevity and holds up to 12 cards so you will never run out of extra storage. If you carry more than 12 cards with you, then feel free to use the expandable backplate which provides extra storage without sacrificing a slim design (29 millimeters to be exact).

Despite its recent appearance on the market. Ekster's Aluminum Cardholder is already receiving fantastic reviews and based on the pictures we've seen, we get why. It's the perfect wallet for anyone who doesn't want to sacrifice style for storage, and given its robust functionality, it may be the last wallet you'll ever need.

Ridge Overview

While the Ridge's slim design and military-grade materials definitely make it stand out, it's a little bit too industrial for our liking. The design is cool on its own, but when you put it in your pocket or bag, it can look a bit out of place.

Another major component of the Ridge is its modular design. This allows users to alternate between a Cash Strap, Money Clip, or both. While the Cash Strap is slightly slimmer, Ridge advertises that it is replaceable, making us a bit skeptical about its durability. The Money Clip has a more traditional appearance but we still worry about its fragile construction.

Final Notes

While there are tons of metal card holders out there, none compare to the design and functionality associated with Ekster. As cash becomes less and less popular, we see cardholders as the future of wallets and Eskter and Ridge are set to lead the charge.

Despite Ridge's sleek design, the wallet feels a bit too rugged when compared to traditional wallets. Ekster is the true slim, smart wallet of the future. Between it's cutting-edge pop-up feature, added trackability, RFID protection, and expandable storage--this wallet is designed to save you from all sorts of headaches. The colors are subtle, yet vibrant and the aluminum construction feels great.

While the price points are similar (Ekster at $69 and Ridge at $75), Eskster's aluminum cardholder boasts a better value. Say goodbye to your bulky old-fashion leather bifold and hello to the wallet of the future.

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