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Attention Tampa Realtors! Ribbon Is Here

Real estate in the last year has been a hot topic across the country and as the market heats up, the way to buy and sell is changing.

Homes are being bought and sold but not without challenges. Buyers are coverpaying, competing against cash offers, and all too often competing against more than one other offer. Its getting beyond competitive and for agents there has to be something that can help (and there is!).

We've found the best resource for realtors during this time: Ribbon. This company is changing the buy-sell model but not by replacing agents in the process - it's a tool for agents. They've been helping people all over the country secure their dream homes and now they're coming to Tampa!

Other places that offer help to realtors may cost time and money so it's understandable to be hesitant. But with Ribbon but there's really no catch. Here's how they can help:

We know that the market in Florida is really heating up, and deals are getting harder to close with multiple-offer scenarios on the rise. The best way to close a deal is to make your client's first offer, the best offer. But how do you do that? The answer is an all-cash offer and Ribbon is here to upgrade your buyers.

With RibbonCash, your client is more likely to win the home they love before a bidding war even starts. It's a true win for you and your client since there's no appraisal, financing, or home-sale contingencies, and you're guaranteed to close after inspections. When you work with Ribbon they'll get your client the fastest close in the industry - as quick as 14 days!

Well, you're probably wondering what does Ribbon get from you? Working with them to upgrade to a cash offer costs your client 1% of the purchase price of the property. There's no cost to you as the realtor and it greatly increases your client's chances of securing their home.

While every situation is different they've got three great options for securing those keys for you: Ribbon Boost, Ribbon Reserve, and Ribbon Rescue. Each one is perfect for different scenarios including multiple offer situations, first-time home buyers, buyers who need to sell first, and more.

We especially recommend the Ribbon Reserve program for your clients. Ribbon will purchase on behalf of the buyer until the client can repurchase the home back (up to 6 months later). This program costs 2% of the purchasing price, and all fees aren't collected until closing. Plus, full agent commission is paid upfront when Ribbon first purchases the home by representing them.

Homebuyers deserve their first choice and with Ribbon that can be possible. What else does that mean for agents? Well, of course, happy clients, a guaranteed commission, and no cost to the agent. But Ribbon is more than just a cash offer solution for your clients, you also get a ton of support.

Tampa real estate agents can look forward to working with their own dedicated Account Manager. Through Ribbon's software, you can get your client qualified in hours and write a RibbonCash Offerin minutes so you can save your time and energy for your clients. Agents also get to utilize Ribbon's transaction coordination team to move their files through the process of closing.

If you're an agent in Tampa you need to check out Ribbon. It's an amazing tool whether you're representing a buyer or seller and again comes at no cost to you. Give it a chance, and you won't regret it. Secure dream homes with Ribbon today!

Let Ribbon take the hassle out of the home buying and selling process

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