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Calling All Agents! Everything You Need To Know About Ribbon

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Real estate is an incredible market to be in, from buying to selling homes, realtors are helping families land their dream home. However, it's a competitive space nowadays, and often sealing the deal is not so simple, with multiple offer scenarios being common. Thankfully, Ribbon is here to help.

Ribbon is breaking the traditional buy-sell models so that people can buy or sell homes but with minimal hassle. They bring to the table an all-cash offer on the buyer's behalf and guarantee a close after inspection. On top of that, they can provide your clients with the fastest close in the industry (as quick as 14 days!)

You might think this sounds like they're trying to take the role of real estate agents, but this could not be farther from the truth — Ribbon is a tool for agents!

Are you an agent thinking about Ribbon? We've got the answers to your most pressing questions:

How does Ribbon work?

Ribbon is an online platform becoming the go-to for real estate agents. You sign up and are able to upgrade your client's offers to cash, get guaranteed closings, and increase the likelihood of winning multiple offer scenarios. Client satisfaction is higher when you use Ribbon to get them into their new homes.

On the agent-side, you have access to all of Ribbon's features for free! This includes creating auto-fill offers, negotiating and collaborating, and tracking activity from other parties all on-the-go and as fast as you need.

They're streamlining the way you do business.

Who is it for?

This is all for YOU — the agent! Ribbon is here to support you in the buy-sell process so you can deliver for your clients. Think of them as the Alexa for real estate; you need something? They've got your back.

What's their expertise?

Ribbon is composed of real estate experts, technologists, and financial innovators, all working together in their mission to make buying and selling homes easier for agents and consumers. They leverage local knowledge and powerful tech which Ribbon truly works for you.

Their team has bought and sold thousands of homes throughout their careers and come from market-leading companies such as Twitter, Spotify, and Invitation Homes. You can trust that with Ribbon, you're in good hands.

What kind of support does Ribbon provide?

Besides the amazing platform features, Ribbon is a treasure trove for agents. When you work with Ribbon you get your own Customer Success Representative who is like a personal administrative assistant. They're here to help you get support on the Ribbon side of things so you can focus your time and energy on working with your client.

Plus, with Ribbon, you also get a transaction coordination team that moves your files through the process to closing on your behalf. Now, the process is as smooth as possible for you and your client.

How do I explain it to my clients?

Ribbon offers a solution to multiple-offer situations through 2 programs.

The Offer Upgrade costs the client 1% of the purchase price of the property and allows them to upgrade to a cash offer with Ribbon, strengthening their chance of winning the offer on their dream home. This program works for clients who can secure their own financing on or before closing.

The Flexible Move In costs 3% of the purchasing price as Ribbon will purchase on behalf of the buyer. This allows the client to find and move into a home they love as soon as they're ready, and then simply repurchase directly from Ribbon once they secure financing, within 6 months. This makes the transition between homes seamless. Plus, all fees aren't collected until closing.

You also get many guarantees with Ribbon:

  • Guaranteed closing, in as few as 14 business days
  • Removal of home sale contingencies
  • Move-in as soon as you want + 180 days to finance
  • Free valuations
  • Use with any home (in available locations)

Is it available in my area?

Ribbon is available to agents in Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia currently. They'll soon be in Florida as well! Keep an eye out as Ribbon continues to bring their services across the country.

Take advantage of Ribbon's free tools and let them help you close those deals! You want to get families into homes and so do they — it's a win-win. Skip the bidding wars and let your first offer be the winning one. Get your clients the buying and selling security they need with Ribbon.

Nothing feels better than helping someone's dreams come true and with Ribbon it's easy!

Let Ribbon take the hassle out of the home buying and selling process

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