I Reverse-Google-Image-Searched My Way To The Cheapest Rug

I Reverse-Google-Image-Searched My Way To The Cheapest Rug

Online shopping's never been easier.

I liked to think I was internet-savvy (who wouldn’t?!) until I bought a lamp online.

To find one in a nice color that fit on my living room table, I searched forever. I finally pulled the trigger and was thrilled with my purchase! It was high-quality, and looked great.

Then, I noticed it on another website for half as much. Arrgh! A painful mistake.

When I complained to my friend Tyler she asked why I hadn’t checked Google before ordering my lamp. I said that I always did a search for promo codes and sales, but she stopped me right there and insisted I get on Team Reverse Image Search.

I knew that on images.google.com you can type in whatever you want and get a bunch of image results. But Tyler went one step further.

First, you find the item you want to buy. I was on the hunt for a new rug and found this one:

You can right-click and save the image or take a screenshot of the image. Then on Google Images, click the little camera icon and upload the image or paste the image URL.

When I chose my rug file, here’s what I found:

The exact same rug, was selling all over the web! The prices for the exact same color in the exact same size ranged from $222 to $289! Never again would I make a purchase without checking my trusty Google first. They even display similar images, in case you want something a little different. How fantastic!

All online shoppers need to know and use this hack. We’re all getting ripped off - it’s super upsetting that we're forced to go through this extra step! Even the low-end retailers carrying my rug are probably making a hefty profit.

So I’ve decided to do my online shopping with companies that don’t have these huge markups. Although that shade of red was gorgeous, I went with a rug in brown because it better matched our decor. I found the perfect one on the Brandlesssite, for a solid price.

For home items like rugs, rolling luggage, kitchen knives, or household essentials like personal care products and snacks, Brandless is a one-stop shop - without the exorbitant branding and markup.

Forget about slogging your way through those extra steps to ensure you’re getting the best prices. WithBrandless, you can rest easy because you already are. Everything they sell must pass their strict “Just What Matters™” standards - high quality, better-for-you goodness offered at simple, fair prices.

No more buyer’s remorse wondering if you should’ve waited for that sale or done yet one more search. Brandlessfocuses on branding less and living more.

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