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Instead Of Searching For My Favorite Magazine At The Store, I Use Readly! Here's Why

6 Weeks Free Trial, Unlimited Magazines and Newspapers, No Commitments

Our electronic devices, whether it be our phones or iPads, are where most of us do all of our reading these days. Whether that be scrolling news feeds or reading a newly released news article. What is for sure is the days of waiting to get the newspaper are fading if not gone for many of us, a few clicks and we have all the breaking headlines before our alarms even go off and our eyes are fully open.

But aren't you tired and a little suspicious clicking into random articles on our timelines for news, but who has the time or patience to flick through multiple apps to get the news we want. We need one app that centralizes it all and the best part, it already exists- meet Readly.

Readly is the most convenient way to read newspapers and magazines anywhere in the world across your digital devices. Plus, they are offering a 6 week free trial exclusively for our readers! We're big fans of Readly, but we get that you probably want to know more; what does Readly really offer to me, and do I actually need it?

So, here are all of your questions answered:

Who is Readly?

Readly is a digital magazine subscription service that provides its customers with magazines and newspapers on their smart devices to read. Read the news while you drink your morning coffee, or as you take a rest of a park bench while out for a walk, or while you ride shotgun on another trip, or as you wind down for the evening. Literally, wherever and whenever you want to read, Readly is ready to go. You can read offline, share with your family and you have unlimited access to a wide range of publications spanning every topic you can think of.

How many publications will I have access to?

They have 5,000 and counting national and international magazines including all the top titles and major publishers like Daily Express, Cosmopolitan, Time, Autocar and so much more. They have everyone's favourites along with new, interesting categories to explore that you may have never considered picking up before having access to them through Readly.

Are the magazines any good?

Yes, they have everything, whatever you are looking for they have it -celebrity and entertainment, business and finance, tech, health and fitness, cars, sports, music, weddings, food, and home renovation. Whether you are looking to read break news or your monthly fashion magazine to grab the latest style or want to explore a new topic in a fun way you will find it on Readly. They even have crossword puzzles, too.

Are there only new issues available?

No, they have archives of older editions, as well as the latest issues and you have access to them all. Binge read whatever your heart desires.

How much does it cost?

The price is £7.99 per month, which is amazing value for unlimited access to 5,000 publications. Don't forget, Readly is also offering a 6 week free trial and you can cancel at any time, no contracts. Simply sign up online, download the app, and you're good to go!

Readlyis truly bringing the magazine industry into the digital age in a way we never thought was possible by providing all you can read content, right at your fingertips. It's the app that everyone needs for some guilt-free, yet very entertaining screen time.

If reading all your favourite magazines with the unlimited option to expand into some new ones is something you find interesting, then save yourself some money and sign up for Readly.

Enjoy the convenience of having everything you want ready and waiting for you on your device today with Readly.

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