Scrolling through the Readly Magazine library

What's All The Readly Hype About?

We all have those magazines and newspapers we love to read whether they're big-name news outlets, fashion leaders, or just our guilty pleasure gossip rags. But the world is moving to digital more and more every day and with it our reading too.

So how do we access all the content we love without a bunch of individual subscriptions piling up? In our search to consolidate all our favourite reads into one place, we keep running into Readly, a digital subscription service that provides its customers with magazines and newspapers on all their smart devices. We decided to check it out and found thousands of RAVE reviews.

After digging into all these reviews we think we figured out if it lives up to the hype. Here's why people are loving Readly:

Over 5,000 Publishers: Any reader can find what they love with Readly. They've got all the majors like Hello!, Daily Express, Cosmopolitan, Time, T3, and FourFourTwo. Plus, other publishers that cover everything from business + finance to home + renovation.

"Without a doubt, an app for readers covering enough genres to keep us happily reading to fulfillment. I love the ability to keep current with magazine articles, while at the same time having the opportunity to read through previously cataloged issues." - P.A.

Affordable: Readly costs just £7.99 per month, saving you loads of money and the hassle of buying all your favourite publications individually. And you can try out Readly with their FREE 6 week trial.

"So many magazines I was paying for are here. I'm spending about a quarter of what I was paying per year on subscriptions, plus I get to try lots of new ones. Love it :)" - Jen

Convenient: Read comfortably at home or take your content on the go. With Readly's app, you can download copies of your favourite magazines and read them offline no matter where you are.

"It's great that I can download copies of my favourite magazines so I can read them on my iPad and my wife is happy that I am not cluttering up the house with paper magazines! Brilliant all round!" - Clive D.

Sharing with Family: Your whole family can read and enjoy Readly with their own profile. One account lets you create up to 5 profiles so everyone can keep their favorites and bookmarks in place.

"It has an amazing selection of magazines, it allows you to have different profiles for other readers in your family, and if you want to read but don't have your iPad you can log into your account on a web browser on your computer! Finally, someone gets what I've been looking for!" - I.F.

Readly's users have confirmed that this subscription certainly does live up to the hype. Transform your reading experience with this app that takes digital magazines and newspapers to the next level.

We definitely recommend this app to anyone looking for the best value, smoothest interface, and ultimate convenience. Get started with Readly on a free 6 week trial and discover the joy of having the magazines you love just a click away.

6 Week Free Trial, Unlimited Magazines and Newspapers, No Commitments.