Golf Apparel Showdown — PXG vs. Peter Millar vs. Gfore

Editor’s Note: I’ve been golfing for the last few years but couldn’t find on-trend performance gear that satisfied my needs. Then I discovered PXG’s apparel line and I couldn’t be happier with the style and comfort.

Here’s What My Closet Looked Like Before PXG:

When I first started golfing, I desperately needed to update my wardrobe for the course. Every golfer knows that most golf courses require collared shirts. But my polos were made of thick cotton and not suited for golf swings. So my golf clothes must be high-quality, comfortable, and look great.

I tried out the classic Peter Millar polos and the trendier GFore styles, but they just didn’t do it for me. For the price, their fit and materials didn’t live up to my expectations. Feeling uncomfortable in your clothes is the last thing to worry about when you’re trying to save par.

Peter Millar is a staple in every pro shop, so it was an obvious first choice. They definitely make solid apparel, but I was unimpressed with the boxy fit and lackluster designs. Plus, after only a few washes, the material started pilling and the collar is not holding up.

GFore is essentially Peter Millar’s cooler younger brother with their edgy styles. Although comfortable, I suffered some serious sweat stains on the back 9. For $120 a shirt, I expect a high performer.

I thought I’d never find my ideal golf outfit that looks sleek and performs well. That was until I hit the PXG store and got fit for a new 3-Wood. I always loved their clubs, but never noticed their apparel before. I was shocked by the the softness and different styles they had to offer. Plus, they are having a 40% of End Of Season Sale on select styles. I had to take advantage in hopes I finally found my new brand.

Here’s What My Wardrobe Looks Like After PXG:

I first tried their Comfort Fit Bonded Stripe Polo, and, let me tell you, they aren’t lying when they say “comfort fit”. With its buttery soft material, relaxed fit, and clean design, this polo instantly became my go-to. I love that it’s pilling-resistant, so even after countless washes it still looks brand new.

PXG’s apparel keeps me dry during humid rounds. Their polos always stay tucked in — even after my long-drive swings on par 5s. And after getting tons of compliments from my friends I’m known to wear it from the tee to the bar.

For the colder months, I copped PXG’s Long Sleeve Fairway Camo Shoulder Stripe Polo and the Stripe Detail Crew Neck Sweater to keep me warm. The long sleeve polo features tasteful orange details against a dark green fabric, elevating this basic golf shirt to a stylish statement piece. The fit makes my arms look great while hiding my slight dad-bod.

My crewneck sweater features a ribbed collar and amazing 4-way stretch tech. It keeps me snug and toasty without making me sweat. Plus, I wear it to the office at least once a week!

I had to buy my girlfriend a Long Sleeve Logo Tape Polo so she looks just as good as me when we play. She absolutely loves the quarter-zip collar, light blue accents, and moisture-wicking material. In her words, “It’s the perfect mixture of a sporty and classy look.”

Final Thoughts:

I can’t believe I didn’t know about PXG’s apparel line sooner. Because it’s practically the only thing I wear on and off the course these days. It may sound trivial, but when you look great, you feel great, and you end up playing better. And even when I don’t play well, at least I look like a million bucks!

Don’t wait to step up your golf wardrobe game and take advantage of PXG's 40% of End Of Season Sale.

Upgrade your wardrobe with PXG's End Of Season Sale!