Best lactose-free cheese – GO VEGGIE

Best lactose-free cheese – GO VEGGIE

Get your ooey gooey on!

Mmmm. How decadently delicious does an ooey gooey toasty grilled cheese sandwich sound? Or what about a piping hot crock of rich French onion soup topped with mouthwatering melty cheese? Perhaps you're in the mood for a classic tuna melt or a rich egg and cheese sandwich on a weekend morning? Love lasagna with all that Italian cheese between every luscious layer? All sound like they'll hit the spot, but for those with lactose intolerance, these foods are more like a nightmare. The temptation may exist, but the resulting trips to the loo are not worth the few moments of cheesy goodness.

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But why miss out on all of the delicious recipes which include cheese? Go for GO VEGGIE and enjoy cheese once again with just as much great taste and none of the discomfort. And not only does GO VEGGIE have lactose-free cheese options, but they make soy-free cheeses as well as vegan varieties. The cheesiness is unstoppable!

As far as the lactose-free options are concerned, you won't be disappointed by all of the tasty flavors GO VEGGIE offers. Are you a cheddar lover? They've got the perfect sliced cheese that's great on burgers. And yes, it melts just like real cheese. American cheese is always perfect on sandwiches or in wraps, and GO VEGGIE's American is as delicious as the real thing, if not better. GO VEGGIE also sells Swiss, Mozzarella, Smoked Provolone, and Pepper Jack, so you can mix and match for endless taste sensations.

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All of GO VEGGIE's cheeses have less fat than regular cheese, are lower in calories, contain more calcium, and are cholesterol- and gluten-free. They are high in protein and contain no saturated fat. So go ahead and indulge in your favorite flavors all the time without lactose intolerance issues or waistline worries. Opt for sliced, shredded, bars, dips, minis, grated, or spreads. Who's getting hungry?

Even if you're not lactose intolerant, GO VEGGIE is a deliciously healthy cheese choice that anyone will enjoy. Find a store near you that sells GO VEGGIE and get your fill today! Or head over to Jet.com and you'll find GO VEGGIE slices for less than $4. You can't beat the deal or the superb taste. Cheers for cheese!

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Get GO VEGGIE and get cheesy… in a good way!

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