Why you need Felix Gray glasses for digital eye strain

Why you need Felix Gray glasses for digital eye strain

Fashion meets function

Are you like many modern-day folks who spend far too much time staring at a computer, tablet, or smartphone screen? Whether you are glued to the screen for work-related purposes, relaxation and entertainment, or a little (or a lot) of both, the resulting strain on your eyes can range from anything from mild irritation to a real vision problem. Fatigue, headaches, dry eyes, and blurred vision are the most common complaints, and you are probably well-aware of how prevalent the problem has become. You've encountered it yourself and have heard the gripes from others in the same predicament.

While you can't quit your job, and do not want to give up your YouTube, email, and social media addiction, the aggravating eye strain is nothing to glaze over. It can be terribly burdensome and will likely get worse over time. Eye drops just won't cut it and dimming the lights only makes things worse. Sure, you can attempt to give your eyes a well-deserved break every now and then, but we all know that half-hearted plan will not last long. You probably won't be able to make it past 24 hours without giving in to temptation.

As per Business Insider, "You might notice having trouble sleeping after nights in front of your laptop, or simply feeling like your eyes were exhausted at the end of a long day. That's because of blue light, which is harmful to our retinas when exposed over long periods of time."

What to do? Felix Gray has the solution that is both smart and super-stylish. The innovative glasses company realizes the strain and pain the blue light and unforgiving glare that screen time causes and how to alleviate the common modern-age problem.

The company notes, "Blue light resides at the high end of the visible light spectrum. Studies show that exposure to it can lead to poor sleep (by suppressing melatonin secretion). Our lenses fully filter the most dangerous range: 400-440 nm. But blue light also has its benefits, so it is important to let some of the light in as well. Our lenses do this by enabling the more beneficial 440-500 nm range to enter our eyes." Along with the special filter, Felix Gray glasses also provide a pinch of magnification or a prescription if desired or required, making reading far easier on the eyes. The high-quality lenses are smudge and scratch resistant, made of high-end handmade Italian acetate, and are super-stable, making them long-lasting and klutz-proof.

Not only do Felix Gray glasses provide the function those with eye strain are after, but the design of the frames is quite fashionable as well. They are all unisex and come in five classic, yet chic styles that go with nearly anything you'll wear, no matter your taste. They cost a reasonable $95 per pair with free shipping and returns, and ship speedily within 5-8 business days. Within a week you will be free of those screen issues that have been causing you grief.

Are you ready for less blue and more gray with Felix Gray? You will undoubtedly love the look and the aid these unique glasses provide even the heaviest of computer, tablet, or smartphone users. Get your first pair today.

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