6 phone accessories that will ​actually​ make your life easier

6 phone accessories that will ​actually​ make your life easier

You may not need a selfie stick, but a screen protector isn't a bad idea.

Smartphones have become one of the most ubiquitous technologies to date. Pretty much everyone has a phone in their pocket or bag — even if they don't have a computer at home. With this comes a secondary market for accessories. Anything you can think of is probably on the market. From mirrors to selfie sticks, the options are practically endless. But there are a few accessories that are worth the investment.

1. Phone case

You can have protection and style


Whether it's just for style or more for protection, you'll definitely want some kind of case for your smartphone. Those things are hundreds of dollars and it costs quite a bit to fix or replace it if something goes wrong. Just to be safe, get a case. You can find plenty of stylish cases at a low cost on Amazon. If you want some extra functionality, you can go for a wallet case or one with an additional kickstand.

2. Screen protector

Avoid this at all costs.


For the same reasons as a case, a screen protector is a good idea. Especially with iPhones, one wrong drop can lead to a cracked screen. It's not fun to use and even less fun to pay to fix. Avoid this by investing in a quality screen protector. The best are Zagg's Invisible Shield protectors. These have a warranty on them for as long as you own your device. If the protector suffers damage, you can replace it for free.

3. Extra charger

Never be without a charger.


Unless you never leave your house, you're probably going to want an extra charger or two. In the simplest of situations, you have one cord for home and one to put in your bag or purse while you're out and about. For true simplicity, you could go nuts and buy an extra cord for your desk at work, one for your car, another for your home office and have one in your bedroom. Up to you, but you'll probably want at least one extra in case you misplace your main cord.

4. Car mount

Easily see directions without distractions.


Use your phone for directions? A car mount is probably a good investment. You'll be able to glance at the map and avoid distractions while driving. This also makes it pretty hard to lose your phone in your car. Of course, if you have Android or Apple Car Play, this accessory isn't quite as necessary.

5. Power bank

Your phone will never die


Most of the time, you'll be able to easily charge your phone. Just find an outlet and plug it in. However, there are a few situations in which you'll probably benefit from investing in a quality power bank. If you travel a lot, you might not be able to stay stationary long enough to charge your phone during the day. A power bank becomes especially useful at events like music festivals, concerts, the state fair or any kind of convention.

6. Bluetooth headphones

Lower your stress with wireless headphones.


This is more a luxury item (although maybe a necessity for the iPhone 7), but you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars for a decent set of bluetooth headphones or earbuds. If you're tired of wires getting tangled, bluetooth is the way to go. You'll be able to listen to podcasts or music without taking your phone out of your bag or pocket. It also makes workouts less frustrating. Welcome to the cord-free life.

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