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Everyone Is Talking About IPSY. Here's Why

The best monthly makeup subscription bag

Every makeup, skincare, and beauty lover needs to know about IPSY. If you've never heard of IPSY, where have you been??!? It's the beauty subscription bag that's taking over!

Why sign up for a subscription box full of random, unheard of beauty brands that don't suit your skin, hair, coloring, or your look, when you can get a personalized IPSY Glam Bag delivered right to your door every month?

What a no-brainer. IPSY has perfected its beauty quiz, so they know your favorite brands and even the shades you prefer. Not to mention that your products arrive in a new and beautifully designed makeup bag each month. How amazing is that?

When we receive our cute IPSY makeup bags packed full of goodies each month, we just can't believe how right they get it. Every. Single. Time. Opening up our deliveries is one of our fave moments of the month. Don't judge us, till you get yours!

So, how does it work? First, you take their online quiz, which is super fun, and boy have they thought of every question. You get to tell your skin tone, hair, and eye color, what brands you like, how comfortable you are with makeup to even what shades you like in everything. Everything from bright, bold colors or keep it neutral, it's up to you. The most genius question is when they give you the option to say how frequently (often, sometimes, rarely) you would like to receive each different product. Even down to what fragrance you like and what your hair and skin concerns are. After taking it, IPSYwill know you better than anybody!

Then sign up, and every month you will receive your very own IPSY Bag right on your doorstep.

And did we mention IPSY's Glam Bag comes with 5 deluxe size beauty samples and only costs $12! You get to try out a ton of new beauty products from makeup to hair to skincare and so much more.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, here's what IPSY subscribers have to say:

"I received my first Glam Bag yesterday and WOW! The quality of [the] bag itself was far more than I expected. In my excitement, I've already tried everything. The products are amazing, and I could "feel the love" packed inside. Thank you, IPSY!" - Janet

"IPSY never disappoints. Been getting great glam bags since day 1 🤗" - Erin

"I have become so obsessed with skincare and makeup at 36 thanks to IPSY!!❤❤" - Jacqueline

"I love my IPSY bags! Honestly, I'm obsessed! It's a great way for me to try all sorts of makeup and beauty products and different brands without spending crazy amounts of money."- Katlyn

"So many great brands...Sunday Riley, Dr. Brandt, Kismet, Maelle, Chella, IBY, and the list goes on. So glad I came across IPSY."- Tamara

"Super happy customer for 7 years now. I review my products every month and update my quiz. OBSESSED with the bag this month too. 😍" - Tanya

We couldn't agree more, gals! Everyone who tries IPSY falls in love. Plus, their subscriptions are super flexible, meaning you can tweak your preferences, pause or cancel at any time. Whether you're a makeup addict or trying to figure out your signature look, treat yourself the right way with an IPSY Glam Bag.

Get Started Today: Take the 3 minute quiz to get your personalized makeup mix!

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