a hand holds ARC teeth whitening kit

We Found The Most Professional Teeth-Whitening Kit On The Market.

ARC is the best for at-home whitening.

White teeth have become a must-have over the last few years. Your teeth are the accessory you wear every day - they're even more important than your new bag.

But unfortunately, we aren't all blessed with pearly whites, so in step the teeth whitening kits.

With so many teeth whitening kits on the market, isn't it so hard to know which one is the best?

To make your decision easier, our editors tried and tested the best of them, and there was a clear winner - The ARC Teeth Whitening Kit.

From the gorgeous packaging to its ease of use and amazing results, ARC was everyone's favorite. The Kit comes with 14 treatments (28 strips in total) and the ARC Blue Light Device.

Here are the 5 reasons our editors love the ARC Teeth Whitening Kit:

1. Soooo easy to use

Forget that black charcoal toothpaste that gets all over your sink or that peroxide slime you have to squeeze into a nightguard-looking contraption.

You can leave that mess behind thanks to the ARC strips. Their instructions were by far the easier to understand: Place one strip on your top teeth and another on your bottom for 30 mins, then add the Blue Light Device for the last 5 mins. No mess, no fuss, just whiter teeth!

2. It's enamel-safe

Some teeth whitening kits have a bad rep when it comes to safety, but not ARC. The ARC strips are proven to be safe for your enamel.

They use the power of activated oxygen to break down stains below the enamel's surface without stripping anything away.

3. It's super affordable

The results we all got from the ARC strips were comparable to professional whitening but at a fraction of the price. ARC Kits use the same enamel-safe ingredients that dentists use to give you that professional result.

It's like getting that designer handbag you wanted for ages, but on sale! Is there any better feeling?

4. Perfectly fits into any routine

Our schedules are jam-packed, so we didn't know how we were going to fit in a teeth whitening session every day.

But with ARC, the strips stay on your teeth so well that you can continue on with whatever you need to get done - cleaning your apartment, talking on the phone, or getting ready for bed, all while whitening your teeth

5. It actually works!

"Would it really make my teeth whiter?" was the question on all our minds, but not anymore! Every one of us is delighted with the results from ARC - we all saw a noticeable difference.

The ARC Blue Light Device means even those tough deep down stains get removed to give you that perfect smile.

We're all in agreement: we're never going without the ARC strips again! We all deserve to have the ultimate bright smile, so why not try the ARC Teeth Whitening Kit today. You won't regret it!

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