Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day is Ending Soon! Early Access Sales You Can Still Shop Now

Best Deals For Prime Day Early Access Sale October 2022

Amazon Prime Day is here. And so is that frantic feeling you get when you’re overwhelmed by choice. There’s a pit in my stomach. My skin is buzzing. And I’ve beem chaotically adding things to cart for the past two days. The Prime Day Early Access sale ends TONIGHT at midnight and I’m feeling the pressure to make the most of it.

But there’s a smart way to do Prime Day — and that isn’t it. With this second chance to shop Prime’s biggest event of the year, be smart. Think ahead. The holidays are coming up and so is the new year. Prime Day Sales are bigger and better than most Black Friday Sales will be in November. So don’t waste your chance with impulse purchases. Here are the smartest gifts to buy for yourself or your loved ones to get your holiday shopping done now.

Shop now before the sale ends at midnight!


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Remember all the Black Friday videos of people fighting over TVs? This is like that, but without the physical altercations. Discover major savings on massive tech investments. From the trending Hot Girl Headphones to external storage devices you’ll need to clear space on your WFH laptop, you can have it all. Save money, upgrade your tech, and skip the holiday hassle with Prime’s deals on everything electronic.


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Home design is a constant process of upgrading and replacing. You live — and maybe even work — in your home. So home goods are usually worth the investment. But with these Prime Day deals, you can stock up on high quality goods at the lowest price available. Pro-tip: Home goods are usually great gifts for weddings, birthdays, and holidays. Stock up now for the upcoming wedding and holiday season to be the best gifter without breaking the bank.


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Health is wealth. But it shouldn’t drain your bank account. Instead of shopping at high end grocery stores, stack your savings with Prime Day deals. From fitness tools to supplements, stock up now to reach your fitness goals of the year, get a head start on next year, and invest in your health without making it a financial burden. Go ahead, cancel your gym membership. Instead, use Prime to finally make those big investments that will help you incorporate movement into your life. It’s also the best time to get fashionable favorites that make health and wellness fun and stylish without making it a splurge.


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Whether you’re a skincare vet or a beginner trying to navigate the world of beauty spending, you’ll quickly find that high-quality products tend to be more expensive. It’s so easy to get stuck in a vicious cycle: waiting for less efficacious products to work, losing hope, buying more products, and ending up spending more money on a pile of mid-quality skincare. Instead, buy the best products on the market at Prime prices. And yes, the NuFace is worth it. Treat yourself.


Fall fashion trends are here! Don’t get left behind — create your wardrobe for the seasons ahead with sales on your favorite brands right on Amazon Prime. From the best sweats to cozy up in, to seasonal staples and statement pieces, don’t wait to style your favorite fall styles. Get them at discounted prices and Prime speeds if you shop now. Your fall mood board awaits.


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Whatever you do this fall, do it with the best and latest in entertainment. Now’s the time to snag those TV deals and spend all winter watching movies or sports from a brand-new screen. Sales won’t get any better than this. So why wait until Black Friday or New Year? Treat yourself and your loved ones to the latest in entertainment at Prime Day Prices.

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