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Prima Is The Perfect Thing To Add To Your Wellness Routine

I have so many cute graphics saved on "how to start a wellness routine."

Emphasis on saved. I want to establish an everyday routine for clearer skin, a calmer mind, etc. etc., but I always have so many other things to do, it never gets done. My life would be way more manageable with a wellness routine.

It's all so much to balance; I didn't know where to start. Face masks? CBD? At first, I was joking about that, but I have a best friend who's really into CBD, so I asked her if she felt it made a difference.

She told me "Girl, YES." She's a grad student, and she told me it's the only way she found any peace. I asked her for recs, and she told me she loves Prima - she switches between their Brain Fuel and Go-To elixirs.

I had no idea what that meant, so I went to check them out. Loved the website. It was so gorgeous (and peaceful!). She talked about their powder packs - they've distilled CBD into a powder form that you can mix into beverages like tea or coffee, so it's more easily ingestible.

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The Go-To is just broad spectrum CBD - no THC, so I wouldn't have the feeling of being "high." Brain Fuel is CBD with ashwagandha, Rhodiola, lion's mane, and ginkgo. They're a mix of adaptogens and botanicals that help you with cognitive clarity - great for an afternoon pick-me-up! There was also one for sleep, Rest Easy. I decided I'd try all 3 for just $18 plus shipping with the Prima Trifecta.

Then, I noticed their other beautiful bottles - they have CBD-infused skincare! It contains beneficial anti-inflammatory properties, and I wanted to include skincare in my new wellness routine, so I added a few to my cart. Prima is a one-stop-shop for wellness! (And I got free shipping over $75.)

When my order arrived, the packaging was on point. I'd ordered the CBD bath soak, which was similar to a bath bomb. I thought I'd take a bath that night, grab some Rest Easy CBD, and finish off with the moisturizer I bought - "The Afterglow."

I even lit a couple of candles in my bathroom and turned off the lights - it was like a spa night. I felt so relaxed, the muscles in my back were less tense than they'd been in who knows how long.

That night, I drifted off to sleep with the help of Rest Easy. It was like my body and mind were ready to shut off instead of me having to scroll on my phone until my eyes shut.

With my CBD and skin care and body products from Prima, I had that first fun night, and now I've been able to establish a routine. After I tested the Trifecta, I ended up buying a full-sized box of each powder, so I can take Brain Fuel on workdays to help me focus, Rest Easy when I can't sleep, and The Go-To once in a while for a pick-me-up.

The Afterglow has also really improved my skin - it's definitely looking more radiant and even. It also smells and feels so nice, and I look forward to putting it on every night!

I thought establishing a wellness routine would be hard, but I only needed a few things to get me going! It was so much easier than I thought since I could get everything I needed from Prima. Just taking the time for myself has really improved my mental health - I feel like I'm able to handle stressful situations in a healthier way. Also, did I mention how gorg these packages are?

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