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Crystal vs. Clay: Which Litter Should Your Cat Be Using?

We Compare Both Types Of Litter To Discover Which Is Better

More and more people are switching from clay to crystal cat litter nowadays. You've probably thought about it and wondered if it was worth it. I mean, litter is litter, and clay litter works just fine. Plus, you don't want to buy a new litter only to discover it's not up to scratch and waste your money.

Well, no need to wonder about it anymore. Our editors decided to put both types of litters to the test and do a full comparison to help you make up your mind.

When we heard the story behind PrettyLitter, an innovative crystal litter, we knew we had to try it. The CEO started the company when his own cat, Gingi, fell ill and he realized he had no way to monitor Gingi's health.

We will be comparing both litters by their odor control, convenience, and safety. Keep reading to find out how PrettyLitter's crystal litter really compares to traditional clay litter.

Odor control

We found the clay litter had more of an odor. This is because clay saturates quickly due to its granular size. That means, once it's wet it must be changed out to combat odor - we changed it daily to keep the odor under control.

But crystal litters like PrettyLitter are odorless and scentless. These litters don't need to be emptied as often because when the litter first comes into contact with urine it traps and then eliminates moisture and odor.


As mentioned, clay litter needs to be changed more frequently, not only to suppress odor, but because clay litter clumps at the touch of liquids. And because clay litter requires constant scooping, we found that we used up the bag faster.

With crystal litters like PrettyLitter, the crystals are highly absorbent and have microscopic pores that soak in moisture so one bag lasts a whole month! And it's much lighter to carry, since you use half as much crystal litter as clay litter each month.

PrettyLitter takes convenience the extra mile by delivering right to your doorstep. They even offer a subscription model, so you won't have to worry about forgetting to order it every month.


Traditional clay litter often contains the sealant sodium bentonite which, if ingested, can damage your cat's digestive tract. It often gets on cats' paws and can expand within the digestive tract as they clean themselves. Sodium bentonite has been known to cause intestinal blockages and can even lead to death.

PrettyLitter's crystals are made from clean inert minerals which are friendly to cats. Clay litter is also dustier, meaning it can be harmful to cats with asthma or similar conditions.

PrettyLitter takes it to the next level with their health monitoring feature that can detect possible health issues in your cat's urine with microgels that change color. Yellow to olive green is normal, but red, blue, and orange may indicate potential issues like UTI's, blood in urine, inflammation, kidney issues, and more.

Our recommendations

We highly recommend making the switch from clay to crystal litter - PrettyLitter particularly impressed us. Not only is it less smelly, more convenient, and safer, but it even looks better - like sparkly white sand.

The health monitoring feature offers serious peace of mind. Besides, we hate lugging heavy bags of litter from the store, so getting it delivered to our door is super appealing. Plus, it's better for the environment, too - changing our cat litter only once a month means a lower carbon footprint. After this test, we'll definitely be subscribing to PrettyLitter.

Update: Our friends at PrettyLitter are offering our readers a very SPECIAL offer! Follow this link to get 20% off of your subscription today!

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