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The Best Ways to Get Past The Post-Holiday Blues

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When people say January is the longest month, they aren’t lying. The month seems to really drag on. After the rush and excitement of the holidays, it can feel lonely and deflating. The days are still short and the weather is cold, but the month feels like a whole year.

The decorations go back into the attack and the Christmas tree is thrown out. The house almost feels empty in a way — I know, I miss the different Santa Clauses I had around the house. Although there is little research to back up post-holiday blues, the adrenal drop could make us feel this way.

The sudden loss of the hormone kept us going through the stressful season of buying gifts, having the in-laws over, and making sure the dinner was delicious. Now that it's done, it could feel like something is missing — but are we just used to the stress? The loneliness hits slower, but once your parents leave and your social outings reduce from three times a week to once every two weeks, it can feel very different from the month before.

Although it might feel like it's been going on forever, it is short-lived. January is the perfect time to focus on your mental health and get the new year off to a great start. Here are some things that can help you deal with the post-holiday blues.

1. Make A Plan

The Happy Planner

After such a busy December, it's good to create a plan for things you want to achieve in the new year. Since your routine varies during the holiday season, getting back into a routine and sticking to a plan will help limit the holiday blues. So make an action plan about when you will take a holiday and when you will catch up with friends.

The best thing to help you with all your planning is The Happy Planner. They have a range of classy, colorful planners that make you want to create a plan. These planners have monthly and weekly spaces for all your to-do lists. They even offer Box Sets that come with folders, bookmarks, and sticks to spice up your plan.

2. Focus On Self Care


It's time to de-stress and finally focus on yourself. There’s no packed house with people always needing your attention or piles of chores that you barely have time to squeeze in a shower. You can now take a deep breath and put yourself first. Self-care varies from person to person, so do whatever you want, take a long bath, use a face pack or splurge and buy new makeup.

The best place for all self-care is Sephora. They have literally everything you need for self-care, from makeup to baths and perfumes. They have lots of different brands with a range of prices. I personally can’t live without my Maude Soak - vitamin-rich mineral bath salts. They are clean and hydrate your body, and smell amazing!

3. Make Your Mental Health A Priority


It’s never too late to make your mental health a priority. Take a breath and meditate to calm your racing mind and reduce your anxiety. The benefits you see will be incredible — improved energy levels, increased self-esteem, and confidence. It's also a good time to keep talking and not hold your feelings inside.

If you haven’t heard of Talkspace, it's an online counseling service. Counseling isn’t just for people who struggle with mental health, sometimes; sometimes, It's nice to get a different perspective on your struggles. It's completely online, so there’s no commute or waiting in lines, and Talkspace sets you up with the perfect person based on your self-assessment. Plus, they are completely flexible with your schedule.

4. Get Moving


We’re all running around all the time during the holidays. Picking up gifts, buying groceries, and even enjoying the days with family. This shouldn’t end, it’s good to stay active and busy. Exercise releases mood-boosting endorphins and can help you shed some of the pounds you gained. Step out, breathe the fresh air, soak in the sun and maybe even feel the slight drizzle.

The best way is by signing up for a club, that way you can even meet new people. The Nike Training Club is a holistic training guide that can help you strengthen your body and mind. They have various trainers and classes you can be a part of. So get up and get moving with Nike — it’s the easiest way to stay active and healthy.

5. Eat Healthier


While many of us want to just bury our sorrow by eating junk food, this isn’t the best idea. A healthy diet filled with vitamins and minerals is actually what we need. A good diet can boost your mood and prepare you for the new year. Having a well-rounded diet can help you stay healthy while also increasing your energy levels — because you no longer need to feel bloated after all the chocolates and snacks.

Cooking up a home-cooked healthy meal every night might not be ideal; that’s why I use BlendJet. It's a portable smoothie maker that looks like a water bottle. I throw in all my fruit, oats and milk and just blend it up — so my healthy eating is incredibly tasty and convenient. They have a range of colors and even offer Jetpack smoothie packs that you simply add to water.

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