The Mattress You'll Need This Summer

The Mattress You'll Need This Summer

A good night's sleep can be hard to come by, and more likely than not, your mattress may be the source of your problems.

We don't need to tell you the benefits that a good night's rest can yield-- increased productivity, elevated mood yada, yada, yada. What we are here to do is help you find a solution to your ongoing sleep woes.

Meet the Pod Pro by Eight Sleep, a revolutionary smart mattress that will change the way you sleep. There are many things we absolutely love about this smart mattress, but first let us start by telling you this - right now they are offering $100 off for their End of Summer Sale.

Ok, back to the features. The Pod Pro mattress can regulate your temperature while you sleep, to give you the most comfortable sleep ever. It's 12 inches deep and made of five layers of premium foam that offers support in all the right places (like that one spot on your back that is constantly bugging you).

The Pod Pro comes with dual-zone heating and cooling technology. You can regulate your temperature to your liking and even set your personal on and off times. Oh, and if you have a partner sharing your bed, don't worry, the Pod Pro will understand and regulate two different temperatures (set it between 55-110 degrees).

On top of this amazing temperature-regulating technology, the Pod Pro's advanced tracking system will monitor your sleep, heart rate, how long you were tossing and turning, and more.

All of this info can be tracked in the free Eight Sleep app. There you'll also find The Daily Health Check which monitors your respiratory rates, resting heart rate and overall physical wellness.

Not only will Eight Sleep help you sleep better, but they will make waking up so much easier, too. The Gentle Rise Technology helps you naturally wake through light vibrations at the chest level, so say goodbye to annoying alarm clock sounds.

A good mattress is something we all need and the Pod Pro by Eight Sleep is the perfect smart mattress that covers all your sleep needs, and then some.

Eight Sleep Just Dropped Their End of Summer Sale: Get $100 Off The Pod Pro Now + 20% off accessories!