Fior CBX serum

Plant-Powered, Vegan And CLEAN Skincare Enhanced With The Benefits Of CBD | CBG | CBDA


This genderless skincare routine - FIOR - includes highly efficacious, science-backed ingredients that will make your skin naturally radiant.

FIOR is boutique-level, luxurious skincare with a simple, but purposeful mission. They deliver premium skincare products that are 100% vegan, and plant-powered in ONE streamlined ritual with CBD that actually works!

Clean Skincare is the fastest growing beauty market, set to exceed $22B by 2024, while CBD Skincare is projected to reach $3.4B by 2026.

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But first, let us tell you more about FIOR.

Elegant brand aesthetics and fragrance profiles have redefined the skincare experience. Natural, science-backed ingredients with no harsh topicals or toxic chemicals mean FIOR is a friend to anyone’s skin.

The entire line is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and contains either no fragrance or less than 1% synthetic fragrances. There are absolutely no parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, coal tar, or synthetic dyes. FIOR works with your skin not against it.

While many hemp-focused brands insist that higher concentrations of hemp = more efficacy, FIOR employs a subtle "concert effect" which utilizes smaller increments for a refined, full-face experience.

This secret blend of cannabinoid infusions - CBX - spotlights CBD, CBG, CBDA, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, natural botanicals, and science-backed ingredients. This meticulous selection of hemp derivatives combine powerhouse properties with thoughtfully chosen, bio-agreeable ingredients.

FIOR's brand promise is deep moisture, balance, and protection that will noticeably improve your skin's overall look and give you that fresh-faced, luxury FIOR feel.

With FIOR’s four premium solutions - Clarifying Cleanser, Radiance Serum, Perfecting Moisturizer, and Awaken Eye Cream - you have a streamlined skincare ritual built just for you.

Now you can own a part of this boutique-level, luxurious skincare line. Make a difference. Get in at the start. Become a founder.

Invest in yourself. Invest in the planet. Invest in a future you believe in.

Invest in BeoFior.

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