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5 Reasons Why PetHonesty Can Help Your Pup Live A Long & Happy Life

There's nothing quite like the love of a dog. They're fiercely loyal, overly affectionate, and just downright adorable. If you've been lucky enough to have a dog at some stage of your life, you'll know just how quickly these 4-legged friends become a central part of your family.

While it doesn't take too much to keep a dog happy (a new treat here, a walk to the dog park there), keeping your pup healthy can be somewhat challenging. Regular trips to the vet are a must but are expensive, and most dog breeds suffer from issues like allergies or joint pain that you might not even be aware of (if only they could talk, eh?).

And while you can look out for obvious things like limping or a change in overall mood, even the most attuned dog owner might not be aware of certain persistent health woes our canines may be dealing with.

You're not a dog whisperer, but PetHonestyis. Their range of vet-formulated products offers everything you could possibly need to keep your pooch feeling happy and healthy. PetHonesty has products for allergies, joint pain, mobility, and lots more, wrapped up in a delicious, wag-worthy treat form.

So whether you know what your dog needs or you just want to take some preventative measures, here are 5 reasons why PetHonesty can help your pup live a long and happy life:

Dog treats that make a difference

Nothing beats rewarding your pup's good behavior with a treat they love. PetHonesty combines yummy treats with beneficial, health-boosting ingredients. All of their supplements contain all-natural ingredients and are free from chemicals, wheat, and other harmful things you find in most generic dog treats. Plus, they come in delicious flavors like salmon, bacon, and duck that your dog will go nuts for!

We all know our 4-legged friends like to run around a lot, so having a supplement like PureMolility as a part of their diet helps keep their joints and cartilage strong, increases mobility, and even helps to reduce any pain they might be experiencing.

Dogs suffer from all kinds of allergies

We all know how hard the allergy season can be, but our canine friends can also be affected. Most dogs suffer from more than one allergy, and you may not even be aware of it. Common dog allergies include a range of food intolerances, skin issues, and even environmental factors.

PetHonesty's AllergyImmunity Chews (and Senior AllergyImmunity for older pups)are the best way to alleviate any discomfort caused by allergies, strengthen their immune system, and aid their digestion. Depending on the size and breed of your dog, as little as one or two of these miracle treats a day can prevent your dog from getting bogged down when inevitable allergies rear their ugly head.

Affordable and convenient

Not only are PetHonesty's products jam-packed with health-boosting ingredients, but they are also much more affordable than other pet care brands or expensive trips to the vet. Their AllergyImmunity supplement costs just $25.99 for 90 Chews vs other brands that retail for $32 for only 30 chews. PetHonesty also has a convenient subscription option that'll save you 20% on every order and ensure you'll never run out.

They go above and beyond for their customers

PetHonesty goes above and beyond with how they treat their customers. These guys really take it to the next level by offering a 110% money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you don't notice an improvement to your dog's demeanor and overall well being, PetHonesty will give you 110% of your money back! Really!

Plus, all of the reviews on their site speak for themselves. " My dogs love these, it's been really helpful with their allergies, I can see the difference and I'm sure they feel a lot better".

On top of that, if you are signed up to their subscription plan and sadly your dog passes away, they'll even send you flowers to offer their condolences. We've never seen a company do anything like that, and it speaks volumes to PetHonesty's mission.

Preventative care is the best care

As we said, you're not a dog mind reader (although how cool would that be?). So the best way you can stay ahead of anything that may hinder your pup's health is to get ahead of any potential issues. Including a product like PetHonesty's AlergyImmunity treats in your dog's routine can give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are doing everything you can to keep them at their best. Dogs are already obsessed with treats, so why not make it a treat that has tons of positive effects on their health? It's a no brainer.

Dogs shower us with unconditional love, so it's our responsibility to give them the best of the best in return. PetHonesty is the easiest and most affordable way to keep your dog healthy and strong, no matter what life throws their way (let's hope it's just a shiny new rubber ball!).

UPDATE: Our friends at PetHonesty are offering our readers a SPECIAL deal. Get a FREE BOTTLE on any order over $99! Make sure to add your free bottle to your cart after your cart has reached $99 and they will discount it at checkout!

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