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My Secret To Staying Energized This Winter

Winter is not my favorite season. Between the darker mornings, colder weather, and shorter days it's getting harder to go about my daily routine. I feel like I start my day off feeling tired and my energy never picks up from there, so by the end, I'm exhausted.

After about a week of snoozing my alarm, skipping my workouts, and those unproductive mid-day naps I had to find a solution for this winter slump. My friend Julia recommended I try Performix to get the energy boost I so desperately need.

At first, I was skeptical because I'd already tried energy shots, supplements, and any other quick fix I could find. I did some research into Performix and saw that they were leading in workout supplements, protein powder, weight loss, and - most notably - energy products. Their site had me convinced that it was at least worth a try.

I ended up ordering the SST Cuts - Timed-Release Supercharged Energy, Metabolism, and Focus Solution. I'm not the type of person who believes one little supplement can fix all my problems, but Performix definitely made a difference and it wasn't magic. It's the technology within the capsules.

They're Suspension Super Thermogenic, meaning the capsule delivers ingredients to my body via multiple targeted phases making it last throughout the day and not just in a 1-hour energy rush.

Starting off, I took the recommended half dose of 2 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach as it's a dietary supplement. Over the first couple of days, I began to feel a difference!

My mornings no longer felt like a drag and I was able to get right into my home workout bright and early … well, not bright due to daylight savings.

Working out in the morning was the first step in transforming my day. As I transitioned to doing my job during the day, I found that I was suddenly a lot more focused than I'd been and realized it was the SST Cuts.

It has Caffeine and TeaCrine® which sharpens mental focus allowing me to get things done. Normally, I stay away from drinking more than one cup of coffee because it makes me jittery, but with SST Cuts I was shake-free and on top of my game.

I've also noticed that my mood has changed. The cold weather had gotten me into a funk and, to be honest, I wasn't the happiest person to be around. I figured out that the capsules also contain Sensoril® which gives me a greater sense of well-being and puts me in an overall positive mood.

On top of that, Sensoril® helps with appetite management, so I wasn't devouring my daily bag of Doritos anymore. There's also Zychrome® in it to support healthy insulin levels for blood sugar control, eliminating my hangry side which has been coming out frequently. Something about cold weather makes me want to snack like crazy and this was not helping me keep up with any of my health goals.

In addition to Performix SST Cuts boosting my energy levels, the CLA and Capsaicin increase my metabolism, making fat burn easier. Keeping off the extra winter weight has been a struggle, and I'm sure going to be especially thankful for this as the holiday feasts begin — especially when I reach for that extra slice of pie!

Now that they've completely transformed my winter day-to-day, I can't believe I had doubts about Performix. I've been able to tackle my energy issue, tone up, control my appetite, and help my winter moodiness. The best part was I didn't need to overhaul my whole life to do it, just a few capsules a day gave me visible, long-lasting changes.

It's amazing to feel energized from when I wake up to when my head hits the pillow at night, not to mention the bonus weight management help. I've recently ramped up to the regular dose of 4 capsules each morning, increasing my focus and energy even more.

While 20 servings (80 capsules) cost $59.99, it's most definitely worth it. Plus, it's a combination of their SST, Ab Cuts, and SST Control so I'm getting 3 products all in one shot (better for me and my wallet).

The energy I get now is priceless — I no longer have to endure that dreadful lag all winter long.

Performix's SST Cuts is my winter life-saver, I couldn't recommend a better solution. The technology behind it and the ingredients within, truly improve my entire day.

Get out from under those cozy covers and start your days off strong this season knowing you'll make it through each day and still feel amazing at the end of it.

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