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The Perfect Gift For The “Hot” Mama

I was watering the plants in the kitchen when I knocked over the English ivy and completely lost it - burst into tears and everything. I was shocked by my outsized response. It wasn’t just the overreaction either; I’ve been increasingly experiencing hot flashes, loss of concentration, and brain fog since I started menopause.

The most noticeable change for me and my family has been these unpredictable mood swings. One day I’m happy as can be, but then, my patience vanishes and I’m snapping at my husband Jonathan.

He and the kids have been totally understanding, but this menopause journey is truly weighing on me. What with the lack of sleep and emotional instability, I barely leave the house.

But then something really special happened - Jonathan surprised me with an early birthday gift. I opened the box thinking it would be a necklace or earrings. But I was shocked to find The Core Supplementfrom Kindra.

Honestly, I didn’t know how to react at first. I mean, it’s pretty risky to gift your wife a menopausal present! Especially since there were no mimosas involved.

But then I saw that Kindra is a community-centric brand providing products and solutions to help women prepare for, manage, and embrace their body’s hormonal shifts. I thought this might be precisely what I need.

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of supplements in general. But Jonathan assured me that Kindra’s supplements are clinically-tested, OB/GYN approved, and 100% estrogen-free (he clearly did his research). He’d even taken a quick 5-minute quiz on their website to find the perfect product for my individual needs. What a sweetie. I decided to give it a try.

Kindra’s self-care plan recommends taking one Core Supplement capsule once a day for 60 days to achieve the best results. At first, I didn’t notice a difference, but after taking them consistently for a few weeks, I was thrilled by how well it worked for me!

All Kindra supplements are packed with natural ingredients that work to address menopausal issues like:

  • Hot flashes
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Brain fog
  • Skin suppleness

The Core Supplement includes the super-antioxidant Pycnogenol which helps reduce stress and boost libido. I was hooked!

After my success with the supplement, I tried Kindra’s Vaginal Lotion. The lotion's formula features an essential blend of feather-light, ultra-hydrating ingredients that can provide long-term comfort.

The lotion comes with an easy-to-use and mess-free applicator. I found relief after using the lotion for only a week! Jonathan and I have been spending a lot of time in our bedroom these days - amazing!

I love how the brand directly addresses a topic that sadly remains difficult to navigate. Kindra understands that each experience is unique and helps women embrace menopause with ease.

An added bonus - you can save 20% on every order when you subscribe! This way you’ll never run out of your self-care essentials. Plus, you can opt-out anytime by simply logging into your Kindra account and selecting “Manage Subscription.” Something I always make sure of before subscribing to anything.

I can honestly say thatKindra is now my go-to solution for whatever menopausal changes come my way. No more mood swings or hot flashes - I am forever grateful!

Kindra is offering an exclusive discount just for our readers! Use code WELLNESS10 to get 10% off any order now!

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