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The Quest For An Eco-Friendly Phone Case

It's trickier than you think.

I like to think I have always been as eco-friendly as I can be.

I limit my plastic use and my parents taught me to recycle when I was a kid. In the last few years, I've taken on even more lifestyle changes to help the environment, such as cutting back on meat, avoiding fast fashion, and trying to buy from only eco-friendly companies.

Well, at least the companies that are making some sort of effort. These days, everyone is trying to claim that their company is saving the planet and that their products are eco-friendly.

But sometimes when you look into them, you find out it was all just for show.

That's why when I bought my new phone after I smashed my old one, I found it hard to buy a phone case that would protect it, last, and be eco-friendly not being made from harmful plastics. That's when my friend suggested that I check out Pela.

I'd never heard of them, and I was skeptical at first, but he couldn't stop talking about his sky blue compostable and biodegradable case that protects his phone from everything.

That sounded great, but how could a phone case be compostable? It just didn't make sense. What is it made out of? Well, apparently phone cases can be!

One of Pela's co-founders created a material called Flaxstic from a blend of starch-based elastomer and flax straw material. All Pela cases are made out of Flaxstic, allowing them to be compostable and biodegradable.

100% Compostable

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Ok, so they definitely weren't made of plastic. I was intrigued, so I gave them a look. The website had a fantastic layout - you simply select the phone you have and then it displays all the different phone case designs they have for your phone.

All the designs are divided up based on the environmental cause they are helping.

They have Bee, Turtle, Elephant, Whale and Shark phone cases along with No Planet B, Hemp, Save the Waves, Surfrider and just classic color cases too, depending on your style.

I loved the idea of using your phone case, which is compostable, to promote awareness around these important issues. All the designs were amazing and the causes behind each one are so worthy, I found it hard to choose one.

I finally decided to go with the dark green "No Planet B" case. Before I checked out, I wanted to see how much Pela cases actually contribute to the causes behind their cases and are they really making a difference to our planet.

Turns out 5% of total sales from these collections is donated directly to the causes. They have raised over $125,000 for their 1% for the Planet partners, along with raising $250,000 to help protect the coastlines, oceans, parks and wild animals.

And over 520,000 people have bought their phone cases, which means Pela has saved 290,000 pounds of plastic from being made. That's amazing!

When you're finished with your Pela case or any of their other products like their sunglasses or air pod cases, you can return them to Pela and they will clean them up and give them to someone in need, turn them into new products, or compost them through the Pela 360 program. Such a great idea.

After reading all that and seeing they are a member of the Certified B Corporation, I knew I needed one of these cases. So I went through with my purchase, even though I questioned will it actually protect my phone.

My Pela case arrived in the most minimal packaging needed. I put it on straight away and really liked the feel of it in my hand. So many people at work complimented my new case and I couldn't help but recommend it to everyone.

Especially now since I know it is super sturdy and protective. My clumsy hands have dropped my phone way too many times but my phone case and phone are still perfect after every fall, thanks to my Pela case.

If you are on the hunt for a new phone case and want to make a small change for our planet, you need to check out Pela.

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