Hellofresh and another box

Our Editors Tried HelloFresh And Gousto: There Was A Clear Winner

It seems like every time you turn around there's a new meal kit. Their pre-packaged ingredients, recipe cards, and home delivery make them quite convenient. But more than that, the meals are supposedly delicious. It's cheaper than a takeaway, and you have more control over what you're eating.

Our editors decided to see if the reigning champion, HelloFresh, could be bested by Gousto, another contender that has absolutely stunning food photography.

As two of the top meal kits in the U.K., we tried both, and they were INCREDIBLE! We can't stop raving about the meals we cooked - how fast we made them and how tasty they are.

Here's how both meal kits rank.


Wow, these guys have a fantastic range of cuisines: Classic English, Italian, Indian, Mediterranean, Vietnamese, and so many more. We took our time flipping through exquisite photos of beautiful meals. They even have options for 10-minute dinners that are just as deluxe, like Coconut Fish Curry and Ham Hock Gnocchi. We were so happy with all of our choices - everything was amazing. Our only gripes are that Gousto automatically selects the following week's meals and one meal contained tuna, which our test cook was not a fan of.

The other issue that customers find is that Gousto contracts out Yodel as a delivery system, which tends to have a lot of kinks. For an additional fee, Yodel guarantees that your box arrives in the first half of the day or the second half. However, customers said that even with the fee, they didn't receive their meal kit at the right time. This happened to be ok for us, but we feel a warning is necessary.


As the number one meal kit in the U.K., HelloFresh did not disappoint. It was an easy sign-up, everything was fresh and on time, and boy was it yummy. There are plenty of 15 and 20-minute recipes, including a mind-blowing 20-minute Creamy Chorizo & Sweetcorn Pasta with Spinach. For special nights, they offer more gourmet fare, like Steak Au Poivre with Truffle Chips, Roasted Asparagus, and Red Wine Jus. Buying those ingredients from the store would cost more than the entire weekly box!

Each meal kit service delivers such delicious food, but if you don't want to try both, go with HelloFresh. Gousto is bound to sort out their delivery system at some point, but HelloFresh is a well-oiled machine. They offer a wider range of cuisines, cooking times, and luxury ingredients to create meals that are so, so much better than takeaway, or what we'd make on our own. Viva la meal kits!

Update: The folks at HelloFresh are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get a discount off your first 4 deliveries!