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K18 Is Gifting A Mini Bottle Of Their Viral Hair Mask With Any Purchase Of $100+!

The holiday season is fast approaching and we can’t wait for our favorite time of year to come around. The time to stock up on gifts for our loved ones, and of course, give ourselves some retail therapy too!

Our editors have been on the lookout for this year’s best fashion & beauty gifts, and right now, we’re obsessed with K18. Hailed in the beauty world, their Leave-In Molecular Hair Repair Mask provides amazing, long-lasting results for your hair.

K18 uses patented science, so there's no other brand out there quite like it. Their special ingredient, the K18 Peptide™, repairs broken keratin strands and renews hair strength. You can expect softer, smoother, and bouncier hair after just the first use.

Yep, K18 works quickly — the peptide is clinically proven to reverse damage from bleach, color, chemical services, and heat in only four minutes!

Everyone can benefit from K18’s easy-to-use solution, so it's a great go-to gift. Simply shampoo in the shower, towel dry, then apply a pump to your hair — no need for conditioner!

Since launching their sensational Leave-In Molecular Hair Repair Mask, they’ve brought out their PEPTIDE PREP™ detox shampoo. If you’re looking to transform your hair to a healthy state, you can get both as a set in their Reset Repair Hair Kit for only $75. It's also a fantastic gift for someone in your life whose hair needs a little TLC, especially if they’re prone to getting creative with color and style.

The detox shampoo uses a color-safe, non-stripping clarifying formula to nourish hair and create a clean, healthy canvas. One wash removes 99% product buildup, 95% sebum, + 76% copper.

K18 is also offering the cutest ornament for the holiday season. Their Limited-Edition Mini Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Maskfor just $29 is the perfect stocking stuffer.

Stock up on K18’s awesome gift sets and limited edition products and help your bestie, sister, or mom achieve their #hairgoals before the year is up!

K18 Is Gifting A Mini Bottle Of Their Viral Hair Mask With Any Purchase Of $100+!

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