I Didn't Think I Had Time For Therapy Until I Tried Talkspace

I Didn't Think I Had Time For Therapy Until I Tried Talkspace

Normally, I'm SuperMom. When a problem pops up I put on my SuperMom cape and power through. But I'm telling you, this new-normal-thing will never be my normal-anything.

A few months ago I was panicked about everything. Supervising my son's at-home schooling, alleviating his fears - he's 7, so he's got a bunch. Then there's my job. And my peace of mind - remember that?

I felt like I was seriously falling behind. Then one afternoon I was chatting with my sister, Nikki, and I just burst into tears.

I. Never. Cry.

Nikki told me to give myself a break - it's been a trying year for everyone. There's no shame in talking with a professional. I said I don't need a professional. Then she suggested a popular online counseling subscription service - Talkspace.

Online therapy sessions sounded about as effective as taking swimming lessons by mail. I mean, how good could their therapists be if they're treating people online?

So I checked out the Talkspace site. They have thousands of 5-Star reviews and offer live, real-time voice and video sessions. There's even unlimited messaging therapy, including audio, video, and text messages via their website or the Talkspace mobile app.

They connect you to carefully vetted, licensed therapists who have quality credentials and clinical experience with a range of specialties and approaches. Their mental health professionals undergo extra training to ensure they provide expert remote support through the Talkspace platform.

I was nervous that this would break the bank and waste my time. But plans range from $65 to $100 per week. One in-person therapy session can run $150+, so Talkspaceis quite an affordable choice.

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It's so cool that Talkspace works with employers and health plans to make access to therapy affordable. There are never any hidden fees and I can cancel at any time if it's not working for me.

My final concern was privacy. I was stressing that my personal information could be out there on the internet. But I was relieved to learn that Talkspace's platform is not only HIPAA-compliant, all conversations are 100% private.

I signed up in minutes and took a brief quiz on their website outlining my pressing concerns. Then they recommended 3 Talkspace therapists to choose from. I found a woman licensed in my state who has a decade of clinical experience.

I couldn't wait to begin. So, as a registered Talkspace user, I took advantage of their same-day-start and got going right away! I like that Talkspace gives you the option to switch your therapist until you find the perfect fit.

Talkspace has been super grounding for me. My therapist is a perfect match - compassionate, informed, positive, and dedicated to helping me address my issues in a focused way that fosters self-knowledge and mental resilience. I'm actually changing old behavior patterns that have been blocking my self-growth.

And if I need to deal with something major outside of office hours? No problem. I simply message my therapist from a web browser - or the app - with a guaranteed response 5 days/week.

No waiting for an appointment. With Talkspace, I get the help I need when I need it.

You can, too.

Sometimes the SuperMom cape just isn't enough . . .

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