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Considering Couples Therapy? Try Talkspace

Over the last year, a lot of people have started turning to online counseling for guidance. It's been tough lately for many reasons, but speaking to the right person can be the world of difference.

Everyone should have the opportunity to speak to licensed counselors, and thanks to Talkspace and their online platform, anyone with a phone or computer can have access to therapy. Talkspace's therapists are uniquely trained for the online space, and have been carefully vetted, with an average of 9 years experience as professional mental health care providers.

Whether you're single and need an ear to listen, or in a relationship that's having some trouble, Talkspace has got you covered.

No relationship is without problems, and Talkspace's couples therapy can help you and your partner identify specific issues that need to be worked on with the support of an unbiased professional, as well as gain insight into relationship patterns and identify dysfunctional dynamics.

With the help of Talkspace professionals, you and your partner can restore trust within the relationship and learn communication tools to increase vulnerability, as well as rediscovering the strengths in your relationship.

Every relationship has conflict. Talkspace can help you and your partner practice conflict-resolution strategies for improved problem-solving skills.

How it works is, first you and your partner will have a brief assessment where you answer a few questions, then you can choose your therapist based on a list of recommendations, and then you can start your therapy.

One of the great things about using a platform like Talkspace is that they offer more flexible times outside the typical 9-5 day. You have ongoing 24/7 access to therapists so you can reach out whenever you need.

The service is extremely flexible. You can seamlessly switch therapists if you want to, at no extra cost.

Talkspace's accessibility makes therapy seem much less daunting. There are no appointments or commuting needed - you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Not to mention Talkspace offers more affordable plans, and they take insurance.

Everyone learns, thinks, and heals differently, so it's important that you identify a therapeutic approach that works best for both you and your partner. If you think you and your partner could benefit from couples counseling, we'd recommend checking out Talkspace.

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