OneSkin Review – We Tested The Company That’s Disrupting Skincare

OneSkin Review – We Tested The Company That’s Disrupting Skincare

There are endless options, regimens and routines when it comes to skincare. For some, it’s a quick rinse, for others an hour-long process, regular visits to the dermatologist or even injection appointments.

With such a wide range of options, we knew there had to be a sweet spot right in the middle; something that was approachable and trusted, but most importantly – proven and effective.

That’s when we found OneSkin.

OneSkin Overview

OneSkin is a longevity company that focuses on improving the health of skin by targeting the root cause of skin aging. Their topical supplements feature OS-01, a proprietary peptide that is scientifically proven to reverse skin’s biological age.* It also includes tried-and-true supporting ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to boost hydration.

What Products Do They Offer?

OneSkin offers a product for every step of your skincare routine.

  • OneSkin PREP is a daily cleanser that gently exfoliates without irritation, all while preserving the natural balance of skin. Specifically designed to prepare skin for optimal absorption of the rest of your routine, including OS-01 FACE and OS-01 EYE. In fact, PREP can improve peptide penetration by up to 2x.**
  • OS-01 FACE is OneSkin’s cult favourite. It's been evaluated by SkinSAFE and deemed safe for sensitive skin. It's an impressive longevity treatment that improves skin health on the cellular level by addressing the root cause of aging with the OS-01 peptide. It’s clinically validated to improve skin hydration, firmness, elasticity, barrier function, and general appearance.***
  • OS-01 EYE truly enhances our daily skincare regimen because it’s specifically designed with the highest concentration of the OS-01 peptide to address accelerated aging in eye area skin. OS-01 EYE can improve collagen levels by up to 2.3x.****
  • OS-01 BODY is designed to improve the hydration and firmness of body skin. It’s packed with nutrients that are just what our bodies need. This leaves the skin incredibly smooth after each application – without irritation or redness. Plus, OS-01 BODY can increase skin’s epidermal thickness by up to 40%.*****
  • OS-01 SHIELD Age Reversal™ Mineral Sunscreen combines powerful and sustainable sun protection with non-nano zinc oxide to help reverse the effects of UV aging.******

How Does OneSkin Compare To Other Skincare Brands?

OneSkin holds itself to a much higher scientific standard than ordinary skincare brands. Their team of founding scientists spent years in the lab developing their OS-01 peptide, which is delivered through their line of topical supplements and SPFs. They use cutting-edge longevity technology, ethically-sourced and science-backed ingredients, and they specifically design their line to reduce the need for a complex skincare routine.

While OneSkin can be used with other products and regimens, several users report that it’s the only product line they need, cutting down on their skincare time and costs.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

While some OS-01 FACE users report seeing effects in just a few uses, estheticians reflect on the long-term, visible benefits after three weeks. The average timeline for visible results is:

  • After 2 weeks, skin will feel more hydrated and plump
  • After 6 weeks, skin will have increased firmness, radiance, and tone
  • After 12 weeks, skin will appear more even, as shown in 95.5% of clinical study participants*

What Are Real Users Saying?

Where Does The Science Come From?

OneSkin’s innovative OS-01 peptide has been scientifically proven to reduce one of the major drivers of skin aging and decline in function – cellular senescence. In fact, OS-01 can decrease the accumulation of these senescent cells by up to 50%*. This can help keep the skin healthy and strong.

In a 12-week, third-party clinical study, OS-01 FACE usage revealed the following was shown:

  • 90% saw improved skin elasticity
  • 95% saw improved skin evenness, radiance, pores and firmness
  • 87% saw a diminished appearance of wrinkles
  • 100% saw improved skin smoothness and overall appearance

Application Process

Massage 1-2 pumps of OneSkin PREP onto damp skin, rinse thoroughly and pat dry. For best results, incorporate it into your morning and night routine and follow with 1-2 pumps OS-01 FACE. Be sure to cover your face, neck and hands as a daily moisturiser. Gently tap one pump of OS-01 EYE in a semi-circle around each eye. In the morning, apply OS-01 SHIELD as the last step in your skin care routine and before makeup

Apply a generous layer of OS-01 BODY onto clean skin (dry or damp) and massage until absorbed. This can go anywhere and everywhere apart from the face.

The Bottom Line: Is OneSkin Worth It?

Overall, we’re really impressed by OneSkin.

After using these products in tandem for 6 weeks, our face and body feel healthy, hydrated and show fewer wrinkles.

Exceptional skin care should go beyond merely making us look good. It should optimise our skin’s health. So, if you're looking to get your skin back on track, then we highly recommend you give OneSkin a try.

*Measured in lab studies on human skin samples using MolClock, OneSkin’s proprietary algorithm that predicts skin’s biological age. Skin treated with the OS-01 peptide displayed a significant decrease in skin’s biological age compared to skin with no treatment. (Zonari, A., et al. npj Aging, 2023) (Boroni, M. et al. Clinical Epigenetics, 2020)

**Shown in lab studies on ex vivo human skin samples by comparing the amount of OS-01 peptide present in the dermis layer before and after treatment with PREP + OS-01 FACE vs OS-01 FACE alone. Data measured in triplicate.

***Shown in a 12-week clinical study performed by a third party research organization with 22 participants

****Shown in lab studies on ex vivo human eyelid skin samples by analyzing levels of collagen in skin treated with OS-01 EYE compared to no treatment. Skin treated with OS-01 EYE displayed a significant increase compared to skin with no treatment. Data was measured in triplicate.