Get 20% Off During OneSkin’s Longevity Week!

Get 20% Off During OneSkin’s Longevity Week!

There’s never been a better time to embrace aging gracefully.

OneSkin is a longevity company that embraces healthy aging by creating products that revitalize and support healthy, firm skin. And to get in the holiday spirit, they’re launching their biggest promos for our readers:

November 14th - 18th: Longevity Week

  • Get 20% OFF Sitewide – their best offer for the year!

With years of science and research behind all their products, OneSkin has rave reviews from real estheticians and users alike. Powered by their OS-01 Peptide – which has been scientifically proven to strengthen the skin's natural barrier, reduce the accumulation of old senescent cells, and even increase epidermal thickness – their Topical Supplements were developed to help you achieve your healthiest (and youngest) skin yet. They also give skin an added boost of hydration with ingredients like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.

In clinical trials using OS-01 FACE for 12 weeks, it was found:

  • After 2 weeks - Skin feels more hydrated and plump
  • After 6 weeks - An increase in skin firmness (95.5%) with a decrease in wrinkles and fine lines (87%)
  • After 12 weeks - Improved skin evenness in 95.5% of participants of clinical study*
OneSkin’s lineup of products include:

OS-01 FACE: A skin longevity treatment for all skin types. Powered by the OS-01 Peptide, which improves collagen production and supports DNA repair, OS-01 FACE has been shown to improve skin texture and elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

OS-01 BODY: Also powered by the OS-01 Peptide, OS-01 BODY soothes skin, boosts elasticity, reduces flakiness, and supports the skin barrier.

OneSkin PREP: This vegan, gentle face cleanser preps skin to fully absorb the active ingredients – doubling the penetration of the OS-01 Peptide – in OS-01 FACE.

With a wide range of products, all boasting incredible results, OneSkin is the answer for all those looking to embrace aging and level up their skin’s health. Stock up on all your OneSkin products at a fraction of the cost while supplies last!

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