Find Out The One Brand That’s In Our Editor’s Beauty Bag

Find Out The One Brand That’s In Our Editor’s Beauty Bag

A new year brings new routines – but more importantly, new products.

As editors that are constantly writing about all things fashion and beauty, we’re always digging through each other’s beauty bags on the hunt for the next best thing.

This week, we’re taking an even closer look at our Senior Beauty Editors’ bag to find out just how she gets the thick, full hair that’s the talk of the office.

Here’s everything she swears by:

You’re not going to find anything in my bag that isn’t Vegamour… My skincare routine is packed with different products from different brands, but when it comes to my hair I like to keep it simple.

Plus, all of Vegamour’s products are plant-based, cruelty-free, and absolutely phenomenal, so I’m not even tempted to look into other brands.

GRO Lash Serum

I love the idea of a serum because it actually penetrates deeper than product that merely sits on top of hair or lashes. Honestly, the thought that I used to use products that only worked while I wore it gives me the chills. I can’t believe I went so long without tending to my lashes beyond my regular makeup routine!

Putting anything super close to my eyes stresses me out because my eyes are pretty sensitive. But the GRO Lash Serum has zero hormones, carcinogens, or dangerous side effects. It’s totally vegan and formulated with plant ingredients that have been clinically proven to provide visibly fuller and thicker lashes.

After four months, 94% of users saw a greater increase in density and volume* – although I’m only two months in and already seeing results – so call me in four weeks and we’ll compare!

GRO Brow Serum

Like most millennials, my eyebrows didn’t get out from the 2000s unscathed. I’m guilty of overplucking, but you’d literally never know it thanks to the GRO Brow Serum.

Vegamour’s GRO Brow Serum uses the same clinically tested plant-based ingredients as the Lash Serum which includes mung bean and red clover – and the results truly show. Now that I use this on the same routine as my lash serum twice a day – I have thicker and bolder brows! Using them in tandem, I’ve all but completely stopped wearing mascara and filling my brows in.

GRO Hair Serum

Don’t think I forgot about my hair-hair.

I’ve always been one to focus on my facial features and ignore my locks. But my hair definitely started thinning out late last year – holiday stress anyone?

Vegamour’s GRO Hair Serum takes a holistic approach to thinning hair. It tackles everything from stress and other lifestyle factors to hormonal changes, increased DHT, and more. I simply apply this to my scalp every morning before I style my hair and then I’m good to go.

Similar to the brow and lash serum, the GRO Hair Serum’s formula is cruelty-free and vegan, and uses powerhouse plant-based ingredients. The plant-based phyto-actives have been shown to increase the appearance of hair density and reduce signs of shedding – hello fuller hair.

GRO Dry Shampoo

Do I even have to explain this one? Every woman needs this dry shampoo in their bag. Scratch that, every single human being needs dry shampoo in their bag. We all get a tad greasy!

This is a next-level dry shampoo, though. No surprise, it’s plant-based, but it’s also the ultimate multitasker. It balances the scalp, delivers huge volume, and even gives you the perks of a texturizing product. As a bonus, it’s light, smells amazing, and doesn’t leave me with any visible residue like other dry shampoos I’ve tried.

Now that we know what’s in the bag, what’s the one item you can’t live without?

I don’t think I can answer this question. Vegamour is just too good to choose one! I love that it approaches hair holistically and is all cruelty-free and vegan – that is so hard to find in the beauty space.

But, technically I can get three of these products in a single purchase, so that can be my one thing. The GRO Origins Kit includes the GRO Hair Serum, Brow Serum, and Lash Serum, so even if I am stranded on a desert island, my hair will be in luxurious shape.

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*Based on a 6-week consumer usage study. Results may vary.