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NYC! Tend Is Opening A Brand New Location On The Upper East Side

Who likes going to the dentist? I know I used to dread going, however, everything changed when I found Tendright by my office. I have been going to Tend for over a year now and it has completely changed my outlook on the dentist. I did not think they could get any better until they told me that they are opening a new location right by my apartment on the Upper East Side!!!

Finding A Dentist

It all started 18 months ago when I moved into the city and needed a new dentist. After putting it off for far too long, I finally added "Book Dentist!!" into my planner. But where to go?

After a quick search, I saw Tend pop up all over the map and saw they had a location right by my office, had long hours, and were even open on Saturday. I did, at the time, wish there was one on the Upper East Side, but thought that would be too greedy. Little did I know what the future had in store for me!

I Mistook The Clinic For A Spa

When I clicked onto their website, I thought I made a mistake. This did not look like a dental clinic. The website was so sophisticated and the pictures of the waiting room, the consultation rooms, and suites looked modern, bright, and almost glamorous. Still shocked, I read the whole website to make no mistake that I was booking a dentist appointment; not a day at a spa, which I would prefer.

Tendwants to create a new welcoming environment for people to enjoy and not dread their dental experience. From their dental suites to their complete dental services and hospitality, they have thought of everything. They have an insurance checker on their website, and I was able to double-check that they took my insurance provider.

The Booking

In 2 minutes, I was booked in for my checkup which includes cleaning, X-rays, and a general exam. It used to take me weeks to book an appointment with my old dentist because of constant missed calls and scheduling conflicts. Tend is the exact opposite. They have all their openings and availability shown directly online, so all I need to do is pick the time that works best for me.

I dread having to make that phone call and then the days leading up to my appointment, but after seeing Tend and how gorgeous it looked I was slightly looking forward to going. Not looking forward to all the pain, but hopefully the sleek decor would distract me from all that.

My Appointment

Thursday 10 am rolled around and I arrived at Tend a little early, which was perfect because my dentist happened to be ready for me. I was a little nervous going to a new dentist, but once I stepped inside, I was at ease. It felt like I was walking into a spa. All of Tend's locations have a really beautiful aesthetic, and the new Upper East Side location is no exception. Everything felt so tranquil and relaxing. They had friendly welcome bar and the room I was in had my name on it. How fancy!

My dentist was so lovely, talked me through everything before we started, and told me to ask any question I had at any time. I laid down on the chair and it was unbelievably comfortable, not plastic and sticky like what you expect.

Some Pleasant Surprises

And wait till you hear this: they have a TV above your chair and Beats earphones! I put on Dead To Me. I was distracted, barely felt a thing, and we didn't have that awkward conversation while she was trying to do her job (and my mouth was open).

Just as I was getting into another episode, I was all done. It was even less painful than usual; Tend upgrades their dental instruments as soon as they can, so they have the latest in pain-minimizing technology!

I sat up in the chair and waited to see if I was going to get any bad news. "You are clearly doing a great job cleaning your teeth," she told me and I was delighted. Gold star for me.

She even asked me about my wisdom teeth. They had been coming up ever so slowly over the last few years. "They don't cause me any pain", I told her. She said they had fully broken through the gum so I wouldn't have any more pain from them. But she showed me my X Ray and how they might start pushing my front teeth together. She assured me it isn't a problem now and advised me to keep an eye on it. If it ever got worse and I wanted to do something about it, she informed me it would be a simple fix and they offered a few different options depending on what I wanted.

I was a little surprised how she was simply informing me and not pushing me to do something about it right away. I can't remember a time I didn't go to the dentist for a cleaning and come out with a few unnecessary fillings.

Why Tend Is So Different

I found out that's because Tenddentists don't make a commission on procedures, unlike most dentists. No upselling, only exactly what you need.

"Other than that, everything is perfect, so keep up that good routine," she said as I was leaving feeling great.

I couldn't stop rubbing my tongue against my teeth the whole way home. I forgot how clean they feel after a professional cleaning.

Final Notes

With their long hours and convenient locations in New York City and Brooklyn, the most advanced pain-minimizing technology equipment, and amazing service from renowned clinicians who not just know how to treat your teeth but you too, Tend is the dental experience everyone needs to try.

Tend is now my dentist, for whenever I have a problem or when I just need a check up...which will probably be more frequent since they are coming to the Upper East Side!

Update: Sign up today to be the first to book at the Upper East Side Tend

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