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Fact Or Fiction? Here’s The Truth Behind Nutrisystem®

We've all seen the weight loss programs and fad diets out there, and we've all been asking the same question: What's the truth? Well, our editors decided to crack down on all the mysteries with one acclaimed program: Nutrisystem®.

Nutrisystem® has been at the forefront of weight loss plans for what seems like forever. You may recognize them for their spokesperson and star example, Marie Osmond. They've been endorsed by countless celebrities and reviewed by thousands of customers. However, there are still some points to clear up when it comes to Nutrisystem®.

We've done some digging and are prepared to clear up what's true and what's false:

Nutrisystem® is great for quick weight loss.

This weight loss program is clinically proven to help you lose weight. On the standard plan, a study found that people lose an average of 15.4 pounds and 9.8 inches (waistline) overall in the first 2 months.

You have to cut out your favorite foods.

Absolutely false. You actually get to eat perfectly portioned versions of your favorite foods. The Nutrisystem® menu includes Cinnamon Rolls, Classic Hamburgers, White Chicken and Bacon Ranch Pizza and Lemon Zest Cake.

There's very little prep involved.

Yes. When it comes toNutrisystem®meals, you barely have to lift a finger in the kitchen. It's super easy to heat up your meals and makes eating healthier faster than ever before. They'll send you the majority of your meals and snacks for a month so you're good to go.

It's a restrictive diet.

With Nutrisystem®, you eat six times a day! You'll stay feeling full and satisfied all day long thanks to their wide variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert selections. They even have a bunch of tasty snacks!

It's easy to stay on track.

The FREE NuMi® app helps you track your weight loss journey by logging food, water and activity in one place. Nutrisystem® gives you amazing support throughout your journey with fun tracking challenges, prizes and free healthy recipes.

Nutrisystem® is the real deal when it comes to losing weight. We love their fun, non-restrictive menu combined with the simple meal plan. It's the ideal plan to fit every lifestyle.

They have a variety of programs available, including the Basic Plan, Uniquely Yours Plan and Uniquely Yours Max+ Plan. They even have a Men's Plan, Diabetes Plan and a Vegetarian Plan.

Get simple weight loss delivered right to your door. Check out Nutrisystem® and get started on your weight loss journey today!

UPDATE: The awesome folks at Nutrisystem are extending a new special offer to our readers. Save 50% OFF Nutrisystem Meals & Shakes!

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