How Nutrisystem Is Helping Me Achieve My Goals

How Nutrisystem Is Helping Me Achieve My Goals

I've always been self-conscious about my weight, and it feels like things have only gotten worse over the past year. That's why I decided to start counting calories earlier this year.

But this archaic way of dieting was incredibly time-consuming and it was difficult to know if I was actually counting correctly. I needed an easier way to lose weight. That's when I found Nutrisystem®.

After reading a few reviews online, I found that Nutrisystem®is one of the most well-known and celebrated weight loss programs. I was still skeptical. I had my doubts that the food was as good as people claimed it to be and if it would be easy to stay on track. Not to mention, I order in a lot so I was worried that the food just wouldn't taste as good or that I wouldn't be able to cook the meals.

In spite of my skepticism, I decided to bite the bullet and give Nutrisystem® a try. There was a lot that was intriguing about the program, like the fact that they do all the calorie-counting for you. I read that each of their plans is designed by nutrition experts to provide you with the right balance of nutrients and calories to help you lose weight safely. Mealtime is regimented but also filled to the brim with variety.

I decided to try out one of the men's plans, just starting with the Men's Basic plan. It was advertised as an easy-to-follow four-week plan that includes five breakfasts, five lunches, five dinners, and 10 snacks each week. I could eat six times a day while still losing weight! The biggest draw, though, was the fact that there were over 100 ready-to-go menu choices.

Within a week, my first Nutrisystem® delivery arrived right at my door and I was surprised by how appetizing everything looked. I ordered delicious options like White Cheddar Mac and Cheese, Rotini and Meatballs, Thick Crust Pizza, and a ton of snacks—all of which are my favorite foods. It's actually hilarious that I thought I wouldn't be able to eat my favorite foods anymore. I add in my favorite healthy grocery additions and enjoy dining out at my favorite restaurants on occasion.

Even better—the Nutrisystem® plan can help me lose around one to two pounds each week, and yes, it actually works.

I was awestruck when I realized that I could still eat my favorite foods while losing weight. Apparently, Nutrisystem®'s meals are perfectly portioned for weight loss and made from quality ingredients without sacrificing on taste. The meals are very filling and helped me cut down on calories with little effort.

But Nutrisystem® doesn't just stop dieting: They want to make sure that you're doing everything you can to lose weight—including physical activity. I never really intended on working out much and I didn't have to. Exercise isn't required to lose weight on Nutrisystem®. They just recommend 30 minutes of activity each day after the first week.

Still, Nutrisystem® offers a bunch of short and easy 10-minute exercises on their blog The Leaf® that I can do each day to make sure that I'm fit as a fiddle. The NuMi® app is also a great touch and gives me access to a bunch of useful resources.

I never expected a weight loss program like Nutrisystem® to actually work. We see tons of advertisements for weight loss plans, and often think of them as a quick way to waste money. Nutrisystem® is different. Just trust me, give it a shot. You won't regret it.

UPDATE: The awesome folks at Nutrisystem are extending a new special offer to our readers. Save 50% OFF Nutrisystem Meals & Shakes!

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