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Nutrisystem Is More Than Just A Diet

Most weight loss plans are a one-and-done situation. You go through the program and lose a bit of weight. Then a few weeks later, you're back to where you started. This can be even worse if you're depriving yourself to fend off those extra pounds.

Luckily, Nutrisystem® offers pre-portioned breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks delivered straight to your door. Simply enjoy these balanced meals throughout the day and lose weight without any guesswork.

The Nutrisystem program is extremely flexible. Each day, you get to enjoy three meals and three snacks. They are spaced out every two to three hours to ensure you stay satisfied. You can even add in fresh groceries and Flex meals to add a bit more variety into your menu. However, Nutrisystem is much more than a meal delivery service; it's a support system that guides you through your weight loss journey.

Nutrisystem provides many helpful tools to help you reach and maintain your weight loss goal. Here are four of our favorites:

Weight Loss Counselors

Throughout your Nutrisystem journey, you have the opportunity to get in touch with one of their expert Weight Loss Counselors. These counselors are dedicated to providing you with support and motivation. They will help you set realistic goals and can offer weight loss and meal plan tips. From grocery shopping to dining out at your favorite restaurant, they are available and ready to assist!

The Leaf®

Another fantastic resource that Nutrisystem provides is The Leaf Weight Loss Blog. Featuring nutrition tips, fitness advice and plenty of healthy recipes, the site boasts a fresh design and is simple to navigate. Information is neatly organized and easy to find. Whether you're new to the program or are approaching your goal, The Leaf will be your one-stop spot for all things Nutrisystem.

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NuMi® App

The NuMiapp is Nutrisystem's official online tracking tool and your personal weight loss assistant. It is the only app custom-made to match your Nutrisystem plan. Seamlessly track your meals, activity, measurements and more. The app has a ton of useful features including a full entreé database equipped with a barcode scanner. It provides one-touch tracking that allows you to quickly log your meals. You can even set smart reminders so that you never forget to eat a meal, drink water or get in some exercise. Plan your menu for the week, participate in fun challenges and shop for your favorite meals at any time.

Nutrisystem Success Transition & Maintenance Plans

Once you complete your Nutrisystem program, there are still plenty of ways to stay in shape. Nutrisystem offers a variety of Success plans to help you complement self-prepared meals and snacks with convenient Nutrisystem goodies.

Whether you need quick and easy meals for lunch and dinner or just want some bars and shakes to grab and go, they have a Success plan that will fit into your lifestyle. Their flexible options will give you some freedom while helping you stay on track. Plus, you still get to enjoy your Nutrisystem favorites!

Nutrisystem proves time after time that they are the go-to weight loss service that is there to guide you through your entire journey—even when it's over. Get back on track today, lose weight and start to live healthy with Nutrisystem.

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