I Tried Nutrisystem For A Month. Here's What Happened

I Tried Nutrisystem For A Month. Here's What Happened

About halfway through the year and only a few weeks into the stay-at-home order, I stepped on the scale and was absolutely shocked. I knew I had gained some weight but I had no idea how much. The idea of trying to lose it all was so overwhelming.

I tried a few diets in the past and could never keep the weight off. I remembered my friend Chloe lost a ton of weight years ago, so I asked for some advice and she recommended Nutrisystem®.

I immediately told her I wasn't interested in any fad diets. It turns out, Nutrisystem® is one of the most well-known weight loss programs in the world. Sure, I'd heard about it in passing but I had no idea that it's been around for over 45 years. So this is definitely not a fad diet!

Looking at the Nutrisystem® menu, it actually seemed doable. The food looked delicious. I was still skeptical about the taste. However, the fact that I wouldn't need to meal prep or count points really appealed to me. I decided to take the plunge and hope for the best.

I signed up and before I knew it, my first shipment from Nutrisystem® was on my doorstep. Here's how my first month with Nutrisystem® went:

Week 1

With Nutrisystem®, I am able to eat every two to three hours. I assumed that the portions would be tiny and unsatisfactory, but I was wrong. Not only can I eat a Double Chocolate Muffin for breakfast and a pizza for dinner and still lose weight, I'm eating regularly and the meals are perfectly portioned.

I love using the NuMi® App to log my meals. It's the official Nutrisystem® online tracking tool, so it's designed to match the Nutrisystem® plan. I'm able to keep track of my eating, activity, measurements and overall progress.

I log my Nutrisystem® meals super fast by simply scanning a barcode. There are custom reminders, too. I set one to remind me to drink water throughout the day and it's been working!

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Week 2

Going into week two, I was able to eat six times a day—three meals and three snacks. The Nutrisystem®menu has so much variety. My favorite meal this week is the Homestyle Pancakes. Mmm. The Mac and Cheese is definitely a close second. Unlike other comfort foods, Nutrisystem® meals are ready in minutes and fit into your weight loss plan without sacrificing taste. Plus, they're delivered directly to your door! What a convenient (and delicious!) way to lose weight.

This week, I started adding my own Flex meals. I wasn't fully sure how to go about it, so I got in touch with a Nutrisystem® Weight Loss Counselor. They gave me tips for Flex meals and were really supportive in helping me set attainable goals. I feel so much more motivated after speaking to them.

Logging my measurements into the NuMi® App at the end of the week was so encouraging, considering the amount of progress I've made so quickly. Nutrisystem® is one of the few weight loss programs that doesn't require intense exercise for results. They suggest 30 minutes of activity per day. I try to be as active as I can, going for walks most days.

Week 3

The week consisted of more yummy meals from Nutrisystem®—Chicken Parmesan was the star. I also made some more tasty Flex meals. I went on The Leaf® Weight Loss Blog for some nutrition tips and healthy recipes. I made some Banana Bread, which was super simple thanks to the easy navigation on The Leaf®.

This weekend I'm going to a restaurant for my friend's birthday. After logging into the NuMi® App and seeing how far I had come, I was worried I'd eat all the wrong foods and gain back weight. So, I got in touch with a Nutrisystem® Weight Loss Counselor again and they recommended which meal I should choose from the restaurant menu. That made me feel more comfortable.

Week 4

Nutrisystem Flex meals have helped me feel more confident in the kitchen. Thanks to the easy and delicious recipes on The Leaf®, I made an Egg White & Spinach Breakfast Burrito and an Instant Pot Maple Walnut Cheesecake. Both super tasty—as expected!

Logging on the NuMi® App this week, I've come such a long way and made real progress. This is definitely the easiest weight loss program I have ever tried. My goal weight is in sight!!!

I glanced at the Nutrisystem®Success® Transition & Maintenance Plans to arm myself for the coming weeks. Thankfully, Nutrisystem® offers a variety of Success® plans that are flexible and will fit into anyone's lifestyle.

I'm now in my seventh week and have reached my goal. I've never been more confident that I will keep the weight off. Thanks to Nutrisystem® and their various support tools, there's no room for error.

Nutrisystem® not only guides you through your entire journey—they are there to help even when it's over. I'd highly recommend Nutrisystem®.

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