Here's How NomNomNow Changed The Way I Feed My Dog


Everything You Need To Know About NomNomNow

Dog Moms and Dads can agree: it isn't as easy as everyone thinks!

When I got Daisy, my precious pit bull mix, from my local shelter, there were so many things to think about. Surprisingly her food was the most difficult part to figure out.

I was a first-time dog mom with Daisy, so I was buying dog food from the pet store where I got all her toys and her bed. It was from a pet store so it should be safe, right?!

Wrong! In my spare time, I started to read loads of different articles about dog health, and I was shocked to read how bad the Kibble I was feeding Daisy was - it was like junk food.

It has been shown to contain synthetic vitamins, artificial flavors, and some pretty scary ingredients - feathers, tumors, and even diseased or dying animals in meat products.

I needed to get her off it immediately, and that's how I found NomNomNow.

Before I tried NomNomNow, I had a few questions.

What makes NomNomNow different from other fresh food dog companies?

First, NomNomNow's food is made fresh- it is never mass-produced months ahead like other dog foods. All the meals are produced weekly with whole food ingredients that are individually cooked for your dog's specific needs.

After you answer some questions about your dog, you can select from recipes that are formulated by one of the leading board-certified veterinary nutritionists in the country - Dr. Justin Shmalberg. No other pet food company has this level of knowledge behind their products.

What surprised me most was how the food looked like real food- exactly like the images on the website. You could see every ingredient clearly- such a change from the brown mush.

What's the matter with the fresh food I cook for my dog?

I love Daisy, but between work and family, preparing her meals often got put on the proverbial back burner. But much more importantly, getting the right nutritional balance for your dog is a fine art.

To ensure all the meals contain the perfect nutritional balance, Dr. Shmalberg created the NomNomNutrient Mix - a custom blend of Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1and other key nutrients to work hand-in-hand with each whole food ingredients to ensure maximum absorption. This added mixture of vitamins differentiates your average home-cooked dog food from a veterinary-formulated recipe.

Not to mention, it's so easy to overfeed your dog. NomNomNow portions every meal, specifically for Daisy's needs, so I don't have to worry about it.

My vet never mentioned the importance of my dog's diet, so why should I trust this company?

I love Daisy's vet and respect her recommendations, but because of the breadth of knowledge required to treat our pets medically, most vets receive only one semester on pet nutrition in veterinary school. This means it takes a specialist in the field to understand and know exactly what your dog needs when it comes to nutrition.

Dr. Shmalberg is a specialist, who is a practicing veterinarian, a professor of veterinary medicine, and one of less than 100 board-certified veterinary nutritionists in the country.

Is it convenient?

Yes, very. Simply take the online quiz, providing your dog's unique details (breed, weight, special conditions, goals, etc.), so they know what your dog needs in their meals. You then choose a preferred recipe.

Shipping is free, and you can pause, cancel, or change your order at any time.

Plans start at $13 a week, that's way more affordable than other human-grade dog food companies. Plus, NomNomNow has a limited time offer of 50% off your first 2 week trial!

I have a picky dog, what if my pup doesn't like it?

NomNomNow's on it. Your first order will come pre-portioned to mix in with your existing food to help your pup adjust to the new diet.

You will see the benefits of these recipes in many different ways - more energy, shinier coat, improved allergy symptoms, more stamina, fewer vet visits, and most of all, they will be so much more excited at mealtime.

Daisy and I highly recommend NomNomNow to you and your four-legged family member. It will be the best decision you made since bringing them home.

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