I Was Skeptical About Human Grade Dog Food, Until I Found Nom Nom

Dog being spoond fed Nom Nom

I've had my dog Digby for just over a year now, and he is such a joy. I was nervous about becoming a dog-mom, but apart from a few accidents on the living-room carpet when he was a puppy, everything with Digby was going smoothly.

Recently, I was walking him with a friend and her dog, Freddie. She mentioned this new dog food she had started feeding Freddie because he needed to lose a little weight - Nom Nom. She said it was fresh, human-grade, and had the perfect nutrients for dogs, but the best part for Freddie was the pre-portioned meals. He was starting to lose weight and his energy was increasing!

She recommended I check it out for Digby. Obviously, I was skeptical. He was happy, at an ideal weight, and seemed healthy. I checked out Nom Nomto see if it could work for my Digby.

Here are 5 things I was surprised to learn:

Kibble is really unhealthy, and can contain synthetic vitamins, artificial flavors, feathers, tumors, and even dead animals. It's worse than junk food.

The Nom Nom staff are experts. Board-certified veterinary nutritionist Dr. Shmalberg formulates all of the recipes to work for dogs with a variety of needs, like weight loss for energy

The meals are personalized to each dog. Nom Nom takes into account your dog's breed, age, weight, and activity level when portioning their meals to make sure they're getting the correct number of calories for their specific health goals

After seeing the Nom Nom portions, I realized I was overfeeding Digby all along. Nom Nom's perfectly-portioned meals mean I don't have to worry about him overeating.

Dogs love it. Digby is a picky eater, so I wasn't expecting him to be a huge fan of healthy, fresh food but he gobbled up every last bite.

Even though I didn't think Digby needed a change to his diet, I'm glad I did my research and decided to go for Nom Nom. If he had been eating kibble any longer, it could have had an effect on his long-term health. Digby was always energetic, but now he has an extra spring in his step because he is eating healthy and loves his food.

I'd recommend Nom Nomto anyone whose dog has health issues, or just wants to make sure their dog is as healthy as they can be.

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