NightFood Ice Cream Is a Midnight Snacker's Sweetest Dream

NightFood Ice Cream was the best thing to happen to me during all of the COVID-19 quarantine.

As a lifelong lover of ice cream, I'm very particular about my flavors.

Ice cream is one of my great joys. But it's also—as most of us know—perhaps not the most sustainable habit, especially if you love a bowl at the end of the night like me. First and foremost, regular ice cream can actually mess with your sleep schedule. Jam-packed with sugar, it can disrupt your sleep patterns and can result in you waking up a lot more throughout the night and feeling less rested the next day.

Still, I don't see myself giving up ice cream anytime soon. So...Enter NightFood, a special brand of ice cream designed to do the impossible: It's low-calorie, it's relatively affordable, it doesn't disrupt your sleep, and it's delicious.

It succeeds with flying colors. NightFood was probably the best thing to happen to me during all of COVID-19 quarantine. (Admittedly there wasn't much competition, but still). NightFood just might be the next big thing in ice creams. It's a jack-of-all-trades with a variety of unique and delicious flavors that taste amazing and provide the same joy as regular ice cream, with even more added benefits, complete with an adorable nighttime theme. Gluten-free, low-sugar, and made with magnesium, calcium, and zinc, it has added health benefits that will only make the experience of enjoying its flavors more pleasurable.

For midnight snackers, ice cream lovers, or anyone whose idea of pure bliss is a movie night with a fresh pint of slightly melted ice cream, NightFood is a must-try—and it's certain to become a future cult favorite.

Here's a peek at some of the flavors:

1. Full Moon Vanilla

NightFood ice cream


This delicious, creamy, simple flavor is vanilla at its finest: simple, comforting, and smooth as silk. It's perfect for snacking on in the moonlight on a summer evening (or any time of year, really). The flavor melts in your mouth, inviting you into a mystical moonlit land of cold sugary goodness.

2. Midnight Chocolate

NightFood Ice cream


Indulgent and delectable, midnight chocolate is the flavor for chocolate lovers. What is there to say about midnight chocolate? A classic. A star.

3. After Dinner Mint Chip

Nightfood ice cream


Mint chip is a classic flavor, and NightFood's version did not disappoint. Sweet, sharp, and biting, soft airy mint blends with chocolate to create a devilishly heavenly symphony of tastes that will make you melt while literally melting in your mouth.

4. Cold Brew Decaf

Nightfood ice cream


This is every insomniac coffee-lover's dream: A sweet, delicious, chocolaty-coffee-flavored ice cream that actually will help you sleep rather than keeping you awake. Enjoy the comforting flavor of coffee while knowing that rest is not far off.

5. Cookies 'n Dreams

NightFood ice cream


Fanciful and textured, cookies n' cream is a beloved ice cream flavor—and Nightfood's recipe gives it a unique and delicious twist. You'll relish the chance to doze off with an empty pint of this in your hands, and unlike with other ice creams, you'll wake up feeling well-rested and better than the night before.

6. Milk & Cookie Dough

Nightfood ice cream


Enjoy milk and cookies? Milk & cookie dough is a brilliant riff on this midnight snack classic. Globs of dough melt into layers of sweet milky vanilla, creating an airy confection of goodness.

7. Cherry Eclipse

Nightfood ice cream


Cherry Eclipse is a gloriously sweet and funky flavor for anyone who loves a little fruity twist to their ice cream. Rich chocolate jive perfectly with swirls of scarlet cherry.

8. Bed and Breakfast

Nightfood ice cream


Reminiscent of the unique flavors you'll find at Momofuku Milk Bar, Bed and Breakfast combines extremely sweet ice cream with crunchy, delicious flakes of cereal. Even better than an after-dinner bowl of Frosted Flakes, this is perfect for anyone with an extreme sweet tooth and a love of midnight breakfasts.

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