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NFL Is Here So Get The Most Out Of Football Season With FanDuel

It's happening.

Everyone's favorite sport has entered Week 7!

While nobody knows for sure what the season really holds going forward, we know for certain that it will be anything but boring. Like every NFL season, we can't wait to raise the stakes even higher with FanDuel Sportsbook and their amazing offer for new users!

Signing up for Sportsbook couldn't be easier:

  1. Download the Fanduel Sportsbook app from the app store, available for iOS and Android.
  2. Register for an account - which takes all of about 2 minutes.
  3. Provide them some basic info to get started - name, address, card information, and your social security number (so they can make sure that coaches and players aren't making bets!).
  4. Bet on the NFL!

Whether you want to bet on your favorite team to win the Super Bowl or just to win Week 7, FanDuel has everything covered. Personally, nothing is more fun than watching with friends at the bar with a joint parlay to root for! I love all the different combinations, especially their Same Game Parlay feature. No one likes rooting for the under, so betting on your favorite player to score and the over is an easy way to have fun!

Honestly, the best part about FanDuel Sportsbook is that you can cash out your winnings at any time, too. Every win, no matter the amount, can be deposited right into your bank account whenever you want. You can place a bet when the lines come up, and you can also keep betting riiight up until the game starts. You can now bet during the games as well!! FanDuel gives you every opportunity to play and win.

Do not miss out and get in on all of the action thanks to FanDuel Sportsbook.

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