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Meet My New Favorite Meat Subscription Box

For years, I've been shopping at the same grocery store in my neighborhood. It's my go-to stop for anything and everything, from last-minute rotisserie chickens to Sunday dinner-worthy sirloins.

Recently, I began to notice that the quality of the meat I was buying was decreasing; the colors and smells were slightly off, yet prices were rising month after month!

With everything going on in the world, I gave the grocery store the benefit of the doubt...until my brother-in-law made me stop and think about where I've been getting my meat, and even where the store I shop at gets their meat.

Who knew what was in my meat! I didn't want to cut meat out of my diet; I see the benefits but that's just not for me. There had to be a way I could find a butcher or store that was more mindful of where they source their products from.

After a quick web search, I came across a few subscription services that claimed to offer a variety of high-quality meat and seafood. There weren't any that checked all the boxes on my list, but I decided to go with ButcherBox.

A few days later, I ran into a friend who's the self-proclaimed "Grillmaster" in our group. I mentioned I was going to try ButcherBox.

He stopped me and started raving about his new favorite meat subscription service called Crowd Cow.

I was sure it was going to be the same thing, but Crowd Cow partners with ethical farms, fisheries, and producers around the world to guarantee you receive the best meat (and seafood!) available. They stand behind their mission of sourcing food that's better for their customers, better for the earth, better for the animals, and better for the hardworking farmers and fishermen behind it all.

Crowd Cow
Meat Subscription Box
Responsibly-Sourced Meat & Seafood
Get $100 of Free Meat Over Your First 3 Boxes!

Crowd Cow delivers pasture-raised and grass-fed beef, heritage pork, free-range chicken, wild-caught seafood, and a variety of other protein options right to your door. You can order a Crowd Cow box once, or you can choose to subscribe and make your box a recurring delivery.

I ordered my first Crowd Cow box to see if it would live up to what I read online. Everything arrived a few days later in compostable and recyclable packaging; I was already impressed, and I hadn't even opened the box!

I went with the 'Best of Beef' box, which included flat iron steaks, New York strip steaks, 2 top sirloin steaks, and a pound of wagyu ground beef. Everything looked amazing and I was tempted to fire up the grill and cook it all.

The flat iron steak was the best decision I could've made; this steak was packed with rich flavor and reached maximum tenderness.

I grilled it with a classic rub and everyone in my family asked for seconds! The meat I was buying from the store could not hold a flame to the butter-like steak from Crowd Cow. There's a huge difference in taste.

In my experience, companies that focus on sustainability sacrifice in other places, but when it comes to Crowd Cow, that's the furthest thing from the truth. From the wagyu beef to the New York strip steaks, everything in my box was sustainably sourced, frozen at peak freshness, and beyond delicious! Crowd Cow even offers side dishes, sauces, and seasonings to pair with the meat you order; my favorite was the Belgian chocolate cake.

I assumed Crowd Cow would be like all the other subscription services that came up during my search, but I have to say, I was so wrong! Each month, I can customize a box of my favorite meat and seafood and have it delivered frozen at peak freshness. No need for me or my family to ever go back to settling for bad-quality meat ever again.

If you're tired of paying too much for bad quality meat and want to feel good about where your food is coming from, then check out Crowd Cow.

The team at Crowd Cow is extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get $100 of Free Meat over the first 3 boxes for new customers!

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