Never Pay For Overpriced Wine You Won't Like Again

Never Pay For Overpriced Wine You Won't Like Again

If you're like me, you love wine, but can't tell which bottle you'll like best just by looking at the label. Out of the many wines I've tried, I've only found a handful worth having again. So I wind down with a $10 bottle that tastes good and does the trick in terms of a nice evening buzz rather than spend $20+ on a bottle that's a gamble.

When I got tired of the same bottles I drank regularly, I took to Google to find reviews of the best wines, but didn't end up liking most that came highly regarded by reviewers. Then, in a more recent search, I found reviewers buzzing about Tasting Room, the fastest-growing wine club in the nation. The innovative service makes informed wine recommendations for you based on your experiences with the bottles in their exclusive tasting kit, and ships wine directly to your door.

Turns out, when you buy wine in a retail store, it's usually marked up 2-3x by importers, distributors, and retailers by the time you drink it. Tasting Room cuts out these middle men to save you up to 60%. So you're only paying for the high quality wine they guarantee you'll enjoy, or they'll send you another bottle to replace anything you don't like.

When you sign up, you'll receive your tasting kit with six different mini bottles that you get to taste and rate - just like a wine tasting tour from the comfort of your own couch. Receive the kit, login to the site, and you're guided through an interactive wine tasting where you click the wines you liked best. Based on this process, Tasting Room builds your Wine Profile - a simple guide that illustrates the type of reds and whites you enjoy the most. This guide provides you with information about the wine you like, like the regions they come from and what foods to pair them with. They'll let you know whether you prefer something more fruit-forward or dry or perhaps both even if you couldn't originally say for yourself!

The profiles are cute and packed with useful information, but the best part is the wine that follows. Shortly after you've rated the wines in the tasting kit, you'll receive a 12-bottle case of different wine to match your tastes. You get a case of wine as often as you like for less than $13 per bottle. You can choose your shipment dates and change the frequency as needed so you'll always have the right wine on hand.

The best wine is the wine you like the most, and there's no other way to know which you'll like most than to try it. Tasting Room let's you try before you buy with their exclusive tasting kit, and backs every bottle with a satisfaction guarantee. It's well worth it at under $10 to join, which gets you your tasting kit, and you can cancel at any time.

Plus, we found a link to a special intro offer -- $6.95 for your 6 bottle tasting kit ($33 in savings!) and you can cancel at anytime.

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