Ekster trackable key holder

Never Lose Your Keys Again With Ekster's Trackable Key Holder

Never lose your keys again. Really.

Known for its stylish, leather trackable wallets, Ekster has now patented a unique trackable key holder that's slim, sleek, and amazingly practical.

Slip your keys easily into the trackable holder, pair the tracker with any device, and voila: unlosable keys.

If you misplace your keys, just call them, or you can locate them on a map using your phone, Google Home, Alexa, or Siri. You'll even receive an alert if you ever leave your keys behind in the first place!

It's also super stylish. Available in space grey and matte black, it weighs just 25 grams and fits any kind of key.

The compact design stores up to 8 different keys, and gives you easy access with the flick of a button, just like Ekster's patent card-ejection wallets. You have access to any key with just the use of one hand and absolutely no jingle.

It also comes with a magnetic add-on so you can attach something larger like a car key and a built-in LED light which is perfect for unlocking your door at night, and flashes when you're locating it.

From the iconic company that brought you RFID blocking technology smart wallets and trackability comes the ultimate smart keyholder, a perfect addition to your everyday-carry arsenal.

All of Ekster's products boast a classic style with a modern twist, and the new key holder is no exception.

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