Need to clear your palate? O.T.C. Original Wine All-Natural Crackers are wine’s best friend

Need to clear your palate? O.T.C. Original Wine All-Natural Crackers are wine’s best friend

What all crackers should be cracked up to be

If you've ever been out to the vineyards and gone wine tasting, you know that many times you are offered some plain crackers to clear your palate between tastes of different wines. It's a nice touch and a good way to get a little munch while sipping your favorite pinots and cabs.

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Usually these crackers are nothing to write home about, just a bland bite to prep your taste buds for the next sip of vino. That's why when my husband and I were visiting a winery out on Long Island a while back and spied a small bowl of crackers, I didn't think I'd fall in love. Not with him – that romance was already sealed. I'm talking about the crisp and crunchy puffs of heaven in the form of the most delicious wine cracker I've ever sunk my teeth into.

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I found out they were O.T.C. Original Wine All-Natural Crackers. Shaped like little rounded squares, about the size of a marble, these carbs I craved had a texture and taste not to be matched. They were a tad on the sweet side, in fact, the company describes the crackers as, "delicate, dry, yet slightly sweet with a hint of lemon and a touch of vanilla," and they had an addictive quality that made me want another round of crackers rather than a glass of last year's harvest.

I needed these crackers in my life on the regular, but I can't go wine tasting like it's my job (although that would be nice). And my wishes were granted. I could buy these babies by the box online or at specialty grocers and at some wineries. I knew I was in love, and my beloved was coming home with me.

Of course, you need not be a wine taster in order to enjoy these exceptional crackers for yourself. They pair well with any beverage, or none at all. Add them to soups or salads, or dip them in hummus or guacamole. They are not savory at all, so match them with a café latte or even mix them into some yogurt.

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I kid you not, you will be craving these morsels forever once you pop your first palate-cleansing pillow into your mouth. O.T.C. is what all crackers should be cracked up to be.

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