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The NBA Post-Season Is Officially Here: Why It's Time To Finally Get Off The Sidelines...

The NBA Playoffs Are Heating Up!

16 teams set out at the start of the playoffs, pursuing the ultimate prize to wrap up their season campaigns. With the opening round of the playoffs in the rear view mirror, only 8 remain. Now, all eyes are on the second round, which features some of the best matchups we’ve witnessed in recent years. But first, let’s quickly recap how we got here.

Miami scorched the Bucks and became only the fifth eight seed in NBA history to advance past the first round. New York dismantled Cleveland in 5 games. Philadelphia swept Brooklyn. Atlanta gave it their best shot, but eventually fell to Boston in 6 games. Denver made easy work of Minnesota. Phoenix took advantage of the short handed Clippers. Sacramento ultimately couldn’t “light the beam” against the reigning champions in Golden State, as they fell in 7 games. Lastly, Memphis turned out to not be “fine in the West” and were sent home by the Lakers.

The Conference Semifinals are already underway. With Giannis and the Bucks already bounced out of the playoffs, many believe the series winner of Tatum’s Celtics and Embiid’s Sixers will cruise to the Finals. However, the red-hot Knicks led by Brunson and Randle have proven to be far more formidable that experts predicted. They are currently facing off against a hobbled Heat team led by ‘Playoff Jimmy’, who will undoubtedly continue to put his team on his back. In the Western Conference, the one-seed Nuggets led by two-time MVP Nikola Jokic matchup against Booker and Durant’s Suns, which is sure to be a must watch series. In what might be the most-anticipated second round matchup of all time, Stephen Curry and the Warriors go to battle against LeBron James and the Lakers. Two players who have defined the past decade in what might be their last playoff meeting. Who will end up on top?

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